Thursday Exchange with Beth Crosby

Your Amazing Life
Your Amazing Life
Thursday Exchange with Beth Crosby

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Kenn: We have Beth Crosby who says “Your story is your strength” she is a writing coach who helps entrepreneurial women comfortably write about what makes them the ideal fit for their clients.  Now, Beth joins me today to discuss the difficulties, blessings, and gratitude that kidney failure presented to her. From the smaller stories that comprise her life story, she learned to be grateful for the blessings of dialysis and 2 kidney transplants. Welcome Beth, 

Beth: Thank you a pleasure to be here.

Kenn: Awesome in one of your posts on LinkedIn you said “We become who we are because of experience” So what experience had a large part to play in you becoming who you are?

Beth: Probably the biggest influence or experience, when I was a child, was my fathers’ mom. She lived across the street from us and she retired from her nursing job right after I was born. She kept me and taught me grammar and to love to read. She is the one that got me through third-grade multiplication tables. But the experience of having a grandparent… My grandfather died when I was young. So, the experience of having a grandparent who had the understanding of the importance of education but also the importance of getting outside and playing in the sunshine really was critical in developing who I became. 

Ken: Okay Now you help women to write and share their stories. What is the importance of our stories?

Beth: They show who we are and help us to get to know each other better. So, a quick example of that would be; I have a motorcycle, my dad had a Harley Davidson, my uncles had Harley-Davidsons. I was three I had the smallest helmet and so I rode on Harley-Davidsons with them. I always wanted a Harley cuz I thought I was just one of the guys. That helps me to relate to men. I was in a networking group and I meet a guy and we started talking about motorcycles. I don’t remember if he had on a motorcycle shirt or what. Another gentleman I knew passed by and I said “hey come here” you need to meet so and so. He rides Harleys too. So, I had two or three sentences of conversation with them and then I left them to talk and I left the conversation. So even when we are networking for business those stories are what help us relate.

Ken: Okay you’ve mentioned your medical issues how have they changed your life?

Beth: I was diagnosed the first time when I was in my 30s. So, when you’re 34 and you get a phone call at work it says you’re in kidney failure and you need to go on dialysis right away you don’t take it like a 50 or 60-year-old person. I burst into tears and said I can’t believe you call me at work to tell me I have a death sentence. That’s exactly how I felt. He said it is not a death sentence Beth we just have to monitor and medicate it. We have to do the best that we can until it gets worse. Later he told me that if we had not done the biopsy within the next month, I would probably be incomplete kidney failure. Meaning I would make no urine and the kidneys did not clean the toxins out of my body. Putting me on dialysis 3xs per week four hours a day. 

Listen to the rest of the podcast to find out what blessings came from it. Beth also talks about how only when we accept our past and take hold of our experience do, we claim our power. 

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We are back with Beth Crosby. She was telling us about How our stories help us to relate and that can be used for business. She also talked about going into kidney failure. In this part, she talks about the “Turning Confidence into Cash Flow” summit. Then she answers the question, what it takes to have an amazing life?

What is the best way for folks to connect with you?

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