Thursday Exchange with DR. Tracy Jones on Building a Tremendous Life.

Your Amazing Life
Your Amazing Life
Thursday Exchange with DR. Tracy Jones on Building a Tremendous Life.

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Ken: We have Dr. Tracey Jones who is an author, speaker, veteran, publisher, podcaster, and international leadership expert, who currently serves as President of Tremendous Leadership. She is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, a decorated veteran who served in the First Gulf War and Bosnian War. Tracey is the author of ten titles, one of them the book SPARK: was an Amazon #1 new release. Now, Tracy, you have been reading personal development books most of your life. What kind of difference do you think that made in your life?

Tracy: It made all the difference in the world can and I have to tell you I joked that my father was up a “book a-holic” and a he was a book pusher. Flunked out of school in the 8th grade. Mother left him, abuse, came out of the depression era born in the South. Everything was against my father, but Charlie Tremendous Jones famously said, this when I was a young girl, “That you’re going to be the same person that you are today from 5 years ago except for two things the people you meet and the books you read. He was the living embodiment of that. So, I tell people I read “How to Win Friends and Influence People” before the “Poky Little Puppy” He was very much, you’re going to read, you’re going to read good content, and you’re going to fill your brain with great stuff. Cause trash in, trash out; good in and good out. So that is how we earned our allowance too. I mean we all had jobs and we worked and volunteered, but we would read personal development books and read autobiographies. Like I said books like “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” “The Power of Positive Thinking,” “Pilgrim’s Progress,” all these great foundational pieces of literature. Which, Ken in the end taught me that no matter how I feel or how I act everything begins in your mind. “As a Man Thinketh” So I did not like that growing up cuz I wanted to play, goof around, and watch stupid stuff on TV (you know the boob tube.) My dad actually took the TVs out of the house while we were growing up and he’s like “no, you don’t need to watch this stuff.” I’m so thankful for it now, at the time I was like why can’t you just be normal why do you have to be so weird.  Thank God for that bizarre upbringing. Because in the end it’s just built this awareness, this resiliency, this willingness, that I don’t have to fear failure. Because I’ve read the great people and they all went through really tough stuff, way tougher stuff than I’m ever going to go through. So, Ken, it really helped me understand adversity is my friend, it’s there to teach me, and I control through my habits. I control how I feel and how I process things with this beautiful frontal lobe cortex. I can’t always say I heeded that all the time; cuz there were times where I was in a few different careers where I was on a need-to-know basis, not a need to grow. But eventually, the pain got so severe I said I got it I got to get back to my roots. It made all the difference in the world.

Ken: Now tell me about the goal of changing the world one book at a time?

Tracy: Well, in my research and what I am most fascinated about is what I call the Imago Dei; what God calls the “God seed” in all of us. So, I exist in this world to serve others by helping them liberate the greatness within them. A lot of people may feel like well, Tracy, you know you had this upbringing where you sat under the tutelage of all these different people. Now that has been an incredible blessing. But you know what, others have been around great people and they have not absorbed it. So, there are two things; 1: you have to have this enabling content available 2: the person has to be open to and be willing to accept it. Books are the one thing, especially now with these things (smartphones) that are in our hands, that can pass on this information. You can listen to a podcast instantly. I mean back in the day you would have to order a book wait till it got here. Delivered snail mail or go to the library. But there was always this resource and so we really want to let people know that all it takes is that one book read at the right time which will transform your life. Just like some people have come into my life at the right moment for such a time as this and I was willing to hear it and it changed my life. A book can do the same thing, if so, that’s really what we want to pass on. My father was an unbelievable speaker and presence. He made you feel like you were the most wonderful person on the planet, but he also let you know I’m going to leave and you’re going to go back in the trenches, you need these books because the more you read the more you reprogram up here (Brain) and then you reprogram in here (heart) and then you go out in the world a different person. 

Ken: Okay awesome, you know I’m actually thinking about this a lot the last couple of days. You know I’m a veteran also and I have lots of veteran friends. So many of them do not like the title of hero. I really think that everyone should embrace this term hero and find out how they can be the hero to the world.

Tracy: So true and remember what you went through in life it’s just like some people tell me “I’m not a leader” Yes you are if you woke up today you have successfully navigated 100% of the challenges that came your way. For the people out there and again “thank you for your service” and people say you went there. My answer is always it was an honor. Anybody that works to develop themselves is a leader, even if you are only leading yourself. Anybody that goes out there and puts something higher than themselves before themselves. Which we in the military did, when we took that oath it’s no longer my life it’s Uncle Sam’s. You are truly a hero! Parents are heroes, they give up whatever for the dreams of their kids. People in nonprofits and people and organizations that slave all night so that they can work hard and end and get the paycheck for other people to be able to you know draw an income. These are all things that make people Heroes. When you are showing up to do and be the best that you can be and pouring that back into the world, that is the true definition of a hero. But again, we know it and we see it but Ken is you said it; We’re Our Own Worst Enemy. Until you can get rid of that stinkin thinkin; or as Zig Ziglar would say “What you need is a checkup from the neck up.” I want to shake them up and say “but you are a hero.”

Ken: When was the first time you said reading this really helped me through this situation?

Tracy: Well as a little girl, of course, But then I got away from it. I tell you when Ken it was 2014 and I have lost my soul dog Mr. blue. For those listeners out there, I lost my once-in-a-lifetime dog. I’ve had many dogs since Mr. Blue, but Mr. Blue, if God had a dog, it would have been Mr. Blue, and he was it. I just come through a divorce, I just left the military, and just my world everything that I thought was going to be my life forever was gone. I had this loss of him, and in 2015 I had a lawsuit, and in 2016 I lost my brother to addiction. I just was falling apart physically, mentally, professionally, spiritually, and financially. I almost ran the business into the ground. I was just like how can I sit here and say life is tremendous I don’t think it’s very tremendous. I was sitting there about ready to just say…. you know what I did? I went back to school. Cuz, I thought I can’t interact with people right now. I’ve got to get in my headspace, that’s why I went back for my Ph.D. It was the best thing I could have done. I had to get out of my own way and I had to relearn my horrible habits and get on the path. I could see other people on the path, why can’t I be on the path? I know I get on the path but I’ve got to do the work. So, I read a book called “The Power of the Other” by Doctor Henry Cloud. He’s one of my favorite authors; He saves people. Books like “Necessary Endings” and “Boundaries.” I mean “Necessary Endings” I give that to everyone and they’re like “thank you so much for giving me that.” Because there is so much that out there; I’m sorry folks this is not Utopia we live in a fallen world. You put up the boundaries and you only allow in the good, that’s not selfish that’s the way it needs to be! So, through his book “The Power of the Other” I realized that I had all these people in my life, I had all these thoughts, all these habits, and all this stuff. But these were not good habits, now they weren’t necessarily bad either. But in keeping them in my space they were placeholders. I had to get rid of them to prune away the dead, diseased, or nonvalue-added. So that I could open it up to the wonderful people that really were my true Advocates. Not my fair-weather friends, or not just an acquaintance, but I realized; man, I got to get very intentional about dialing in my health, and my finances. That means I need to seek out the wisdom of these people and the rest of the stuff I just need to rid myself of “the time sucks” the “emotional vampires” and the sugar. 

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We are back with Tracy Jones. In this interview, we talked about our mind space and reading books that help us through these tough times.

Tracy answers these questions:

You were in the Air Force and are a gulf war veteran What did you learn from that?

What is the difference between influence and power?

What does it take to have an amazing life?

If there were only three ideas that you leave for this world and your posterity, what 3 ideas would you leave for them that could lead them to have an amazing life?

What is the best way for folks to connect with you?

Facebook: Tremendous Tracey and Tremendous Leadership

Twitter: TraceyCJones


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