The Amazing Experiences of the Velvet Revolution and the Ideas Behind it

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Your Amazing Life
Your Amazing Life
The Amazing Experiences of the Velvet Revolution and the Ideas Behind it

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Václav Havel played a major role in the Velvet Revolution, which was a non-violent transition from the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia to a parliamentary republic. He had a philosophy that included things like anti-consumerism, humanitarianism, and environmentalism. What if we could follow in his footsteps and create changes without violence. What if our philosophy included anti-consumerism, humanitarianism, and environmentalism? How many of us can create change within ourselves without violence? I know I have been caught up in what I want to buy next. How is it that these play in our lives?  What is the importance of each? 

What part does consuming play in our lives? I mean for a few people it is out of control that is why there are shows about hoarders, right? But what about the rest of us? Well let’s look at the definition of consuming; Absorbing, devouring, eating up, depleting. Everything that we buy has many costs associated with them. The opportunity cost. The cost of buying it, as well as the cost of getting rid of it and many others. But marketing has been able to use our minds against us. Turning tools that were created to build the human race and instead of using these tools to get us to buy things we don’t need. Look at your life do you pay for a storage shed? If so how often do you get things out of it? Do you park your cars in the garage or are they storage? What is the cost of having those things? If you have a storage shed it is probably over $1200 a year. Are the things in that shed worth that much money? Is that thing that you see on tv worth the cost to store? Will it create the happiness you see in the commercial? I think I told you about the guy I knew he is a hoarder. His apartment was stacked floor to ceiling. There was just enough space to sit on one piece of the couch and for one person to lay on the bed otherwise it was like a maze. Maybe that’s not you. I see so many people whose garages are full and their cars and toys park in the yard. There is an opportunity cost to each thing in your life. So what are they?

Next, humanitarianism; here is an idea whose time has come. It is past time that we started treating each other as Brothers and Sisters. We need to value the life of each and every person despite our differences. Treat others with benevolence and provide assistance. The price that we will be paid for this will be large enough to change this world. We would provide food for those with none, provide aid to those in need. Can you imagine a world where the majority of us acted like; Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, or Oskar Schindler. What could we provide? What would this world looked like if everyone’s needs were meet? What if they had food, clean water, and protection from the elements? If these were meet what changes would we see in other areas? If we saw each other first as humans and we didn’t attack those that look or believe differently than us. There is much more that brings us together than separates us. As far as DNA we are in the 99% of each other. The actual genetic variation of race cannot be identified biologically. We are the same in more ways than we can count.

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Welcome back today we are going over the Velvet Revolution and Václav Havel and his beliefs. He led a non-violent transition from communism to a republic. What would it be like if we could make huge sweeping changes today without violence? We talked about two of his three tenants. First, being anti-consumerism, We talked about how much we have and how we often have trouble finding space to keep all the things we have. So many people on almost every level of the economic scale have storage units or sheds to keep the stuff that they “own.” Then we talked about humanitarianism and how we are the same and what a difference it would make if we treated each other that way. So let’s get into the last belief of his, environmentalism.

What is the importance of environmentalism? Well, I am defining environmentalism as concern about the earth and taking action aimed at protecting it. Now we can have disagreements about how to protect this earth and that is okay. It doesn’t matter that we agree on how to protect the earth just that we all work towards that end. Today we take loans out on the environment. Loans that we will be paying interest on for the next few generations. That can only go on for so long. At some point, the interest we pay will outweigh the ability to produce. I mean if you are my age you can remember going into the mountains and being able to go to any stream and fill your water bottle without a filter, right? As far as water sources, we have moved past the earth’s ability to purify some water sources. 

We as fellow travelers on this earth are here and we are in this together. We are supposed to work together to make this experience move forward together. We only have this one Earth and even when we move to the stars this is still our home and it is part of us and needs care. Working together we can reduce the footprint we make and move out the survivability rate of this planet farther. We can and must work as a team. We must work for the same things and see ourselves as one. We must become one race the Human race. We must work from that viewpoint to make the changes in the world that will provide for generations. The tenets that were used to change in places like Czechoslovakia with Václav Havel, or South Africa with Nelson Mandela have been proven to work. We can change things as one person. We can change things without violence. We can change this world but we must first start with ourselves. What changes can you make in yourself that will start a change in the world? Changes like loving and treating all others with respect no matter how different you feel they may be.  Changes like looking at your life and your emotions carefully and seeing if that item will really bring you the happiness the marketers, have been portraying or if you can find it in yourself. Then look at not just the environment but your environment. What is your home like? Is it ordered and taken care of? Our collective environment will be a mirror of the environment of this world. 

Each of you has the power and ability to make a huge change in this world. Each of you can make a difference. You do not have to travel the world to make a difference. You can make a difference where you live. Each of our communities needs someone to reach out and make a difference. As we make a difference in our neighborhoods, our neighborhoods will make a difference in our cities, As our cities change they will change our states. This will work out until we change the world. There are so many things that you can do to change them. Start with yourself. Look at these three things and discern where you are at with each of them. Then find out how you can move forward on each of them. 

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“Next time you’ll hear Thursday exchange with Jason Holzer Author on overcoming suicide.

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