Welcome to Thursday’s Exchange with Dr. Pat Boulogne.

Your Amazing Life
Your Amazing Life
Welcome to Thursday’s Exchange with Dr. Pat Boulogne.

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We have Dr. Pat Boulogne: she is a Coach, Physician, Speaker, and Visionary. She is the author of “Why are you sick, fat, and tired: find out now.” And the CEO: “health team network.” I am so excited to have Dr. Pat with me today. Welcome

DR. Pat:

Thanks, I love being here, I am fired up and ready to go.


In your book, you quoted a recent statistic that indicated in 2030, we will see approximately 50% of our population stricken with a chronic illness. WOW, so your bestselling book is about what we can do right? Tell me about that and the title?

DR. Pat

First, that statistic came out before the pandemic. The pandemic just signified how we have a lot of sick people and we don’t even know it.  That stat is real it could even be pushed up a couple of years because of this last year and a half. Think about it a lot of people didn’t know they were sick or how they felt and the such. But you didn’t ask me about that exactly you asked me about my book. My book is called “Why are you Sick Fat and Tired.” I had a businesswoman in a group of mine, and she told me “I’m not sick I’m not fat, and I’m not tired.” I said, “oh contraire.”  Because… This book is an advocating tool, a guidebook, and a tool to use to find out what’s going on in your health snapshot now. So, it asks about 11 different organ systems, and your body, now these 11 organ systems fit together like a Swiss watch. So, if the Swiss Watch piece is broken, something else is going to break someplace else. If it’s starting to slow down because it is starting to wear out, something else is going to happen someplace else. They all interrelate with each other. There is no process that doesn’t require time. Now when you’re looking at how things are connected just keep thinking about the spiderweb. Each is just one piece of a much larger puzzle. Think about it shooting out and connecting to everything so that it all pieces together. We can use the book to find the weakest and strongest links. The weakest link will be your highest scores and the strengths will be your lowest because you have to have something working for you. Because eventually what happens in that scenario is that the organ system keeps on getting taxed so that it gets taxed to a point where it starts affecting your immune system. Then if you have some big exposure to a virus, microbe, parasite, or whatever; then it alters your existence, for sure. It makes you go from “I’m Healthy” … Because many people don’t pay attention to signs or symptoms. Which I call grim reaper syndrome. You might start to ask, why am I feeling like this? Then you realize man I’ve been feeling like this for six months. Then you start to ask, is that normal? Then the mistake people make is they asked their friends and family if they feel that way. They say “oh yeah I had that too.” When you ask your family which shares a large part of your DNA in it. You know they might be more subjected or not subjected to the thing. cuz not everybody in a family ends up with the same thing. But if you keep on doing what your family is always taught you to do; about how to eat, how to think, and how to feel better, then you’re going to have exactly what they have. You know you can change your constitution by changing your diet. That diet ups your game significantly, you know so making better lifestyle choices is the key thing for that. 


I heard this one story where they checked twins that grew up in different households and the twin’s stomach was more like the household, they grew up in than in their twins.

DR. Pat:

That’s cool I had not heard of that study before but it makes sense to me because you can change that constitutional part of it. People, you know when they say that they’re not sick, fat, or tired I always refer back to tired. Because you know if you’re tired. I don’t buy that. People know if they are tired or not unless you’re a little baby. Little bay’s when they are tired, they just go to sleep. They don’t care, maybe they cry if they are overtired or overwhelmed. But when people are fat, when they look into a mirror… You can be thin and still have trouble with fat.  You could have high DAT fat which is visceral fat that encompasses the organs, which is really bad. That “fat” part which you could say is “just because I’m menopause or some other issue.” But you also got to look at the types of foods you are eating and the lifestyle that you’re conducting at the time. How much exposure have you had environmentally? Pay attention to things like cleaners, to chemtrails you know outside pollutants like things that are sprayed in your garden and then there the things that you use in your house? You have to take a look at those labels. See what’s in there that is so effective. Find out not just what it is but what the side effects are. That’s what is important. The sick part goes back to the 20/30 thing. You have to have enough symptoms, like your liver cell functions until it hits a certain spot like you have lost the function of maybe 70% of it. You had symptoms before then but it continued to work before then. It will work till it gets to a certain point; Think about it how much of the brain do they say that we don’t use. I mean it’s there to be used but you know…

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