What are My Fears, “Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment.” – Thomas Carlyle

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Your Amazing Life
Your Amazing Life
What are My Fears, "Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment." – Thomas Carlyle

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Maybe you have a guess or you have attempted to put out a podcast before. Maybe you know or can guess how much work it is. I have been doing this podcast for over a year now. Four days a week.  I am going to change it up. The schedule will now be Tuesday and Thursday. It will still post at 5 am MTN. but starting today it will just be 2 per week. I’m grateful to you, my listeners. I hope this continues to make a difference in your life.  I have been working at this podcast for over 1 year. It is difficult to keep up with, and it is not where I was hoping it would be now. So, for now, it will be 2 days per week.

Putting yourself out there is difficult. It doesn’t have to be in a podcast. I’m sure you have put yourself out there in one way or another in the past. Maybe you found it difficult too. There are so many negative thoughts and stories that you and I can talk about your life, right? If you are like me it goes in waves. There are probably times when you feel confident and then there are other times when you don’t. Maybe your thoughts and stories are about your relationships. It could be about your job or business. Maybe you are locked in at a certain amount of money you earn and you struggle to make more. There are so many places that the story we tell ourselves drives what we see in our lives. It doesn’t matter if you make $1000.00 a month, or a million. Maybe you remain in a job position that you are good at but doesn’t fulfill you. If you are stuck it is because of the story you tell yourself and how confident you feel. There are so many people that tell a story that they are not in control of their lives. If something outside of them was better than their life would be better. If a parent would stop doing this, if they had insurance which would cover that. If they didn’t have to be responsible for their actions. So many people are looking for a scapegoat for their lives. Some people have told me that they can’t believe in God because if a God were all powerful then they would not allow for “bad things” to happen…

So, what we are talking about is confidence or “Swagger” as my friend Leslie Elm calls it. There is a big difference between confidence and arrogance. Confidence is a fairly quiet knowing. A trust in one’s abilities, qualities and performance. It is knowing what you are competent in. There is no comparison with others abilities in confidence. Just because you are exceptional at something doesn’t mean that there aren’t people out there that are equally skilled. Arrogance comes when we put our skills against others. When we judge how good or bad, they are in comparison to us, that is arrogance. Arrogance is much louder than confidence and it is boastful. Arrogance is what happens when the story we tell ourselves is that we must compete or win. Because of arrogance we think we must be better than others. Arrogance like all things comes at a cost. It is important to figure out what the costs are and whether you are willing to pay them. Telling a story that I am not good enough or that I don’t have the needed power to direct my life is arrogance. Arrogance can be “I am better than you” but it also includes those who look down on themselves. Finding your confidence or your swagger is important. Learning to pick between confidence and arrogance is important. Only in confidence are you 100% secure in your abilities.

What is wrong with feeling confident? Nothing, being Confident is amazing. You feel like you are on the top of the world. The question is then what brings true self confidence. How do we nurture it? Having confidence is great for mental wellbeing. It is possible to build confidence without arrogance. To do so you must nurture confidence without judgement or competition. Building confidence is an art form. So, let’s go over the things that it takes.

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Today we started talking about fear which is the opposite of confidence. There are many fears that force us to play certain stories in our head. These stories affect our confidence and keep us stuck. Do you give up your ability to act and allow yourself to be acted upon? Is it that you think things outside of you will fix the parts that are broken inside? Confidence comes from a deep knowing of who you are and what you are capable of and can accomplish. Confidence comes from making correct decisions. It comes from looking inward not outward. Confidence drives out fear.

Here are some steps to develop confidence:

  • Attempt to do things you think are impossible… Get out of your comfort zone! Some of the things you try you will be able to do. Because you felt it was impossible and you did it It will build confidence in your abilities
  • List things that you have accomplished. Each night, write out a list of all the things you accomplished that day. As you look it over it will show the strengths and abilities you have.
  • Do the right things! When you do the right thing, it creates a sense of worth because the right thing is seldom the easy thing. Knowing that you did what is right will strengthen your 
  • Follow through… Actions create accomplishments, accomplishments create confidence!
  • Exercise, changes your physiology, it changes your emotions, it produces endorphins. It creates a different you.
  • Stand up for yourself… As Heath Ledger said in 10 Things, I Hate About YouDon’t let anyone ever make you feel like you don’t deserve what you want. Go for it.”
  • . Look at long term goals, passions, values
  • Change up your story, practice positive thinking.
  • Accept your emotions
  • Practice communication skills

If you are tired of suffering, beating up on yourself, overreacting, using avoidance tactics, breaking your word, and doing it over and over again; If you want to struggle less and enjoy more. If you want a truly amazing life that is connected and complete, you need the “you have value program” If you are willing to make some changes, be kind to yourself, fail forward and continue to try, or stop chasing comfort. I would love to help you to create who you are actually capable of becoming.  Contact me, ken@creatingyouramazing.life.

“Next time you’ll hear … Isabel Chiara and she will be telling us about her new book Eat Your Words.

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