Welcome to Thursday’s Exchange with Di Snarr

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Your Amazing Life
Your Amazing Life
Welcome to Thursday’s Exchange with Di Snarr

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Ken: We have Di Snarr on the show today. She Owns a “Touch of Healing” Kinesiology Di and I met on LinkedIn and it was just amazing. I was very moved by her story and I know you will be too. Di was on a podcast called “Just Interesting People” which was an awesome interview. Welcome to the show. What is the toughest thing you have had to overcome in your life?

Di: There were a lot of tough things I had to deal with. I think the top one is abuse, first being abused by others, and then because of that, I would abuse others, just in my interactions with them. Like at school when I was a kid or my siblings, and then I abused myself. The way I was, isolated me, so then I would abuse myself. It was a rough road to learn how to get out of those experiences.

Ken: You said you abused yourself. I mean I think all of us can relate to that.  But how did that look for you?

 Di: I was very promiscuous for a few of my teenage years between the age of 14 – 17. Some people would say being promiscuous, that’s not a problem. But when you’re doing it in a sense that you’re trying to continue old abusive habits. That’s where the problem is. When you have those experiences when you have any kind of sexual experience. Whether it’s by yourself or someone else or you’re looking at pornography or anything and anything of a sexual nature. Your body releases hormones and chemicals that connect you to that experience and so it affects you for your life. So, for those who experience abuse that way it takes such deep healing. It takes a long time to heal, for some people they may never heal. 

Ken: Yeah, when you are abused, they take your boundaries and they blow him up, right? 

Di: Yeah, you’re violated, you’re damaged, you’re never the same. It affects you on every level; spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental and then however many levels each of those contain. So, you know if you’re a religious person that can help with your spirituality, then for your emotional support you have to see a therapist. Then for physical, you never feel clean. It’s so damaging especially when it happens so young, and that’s all you know, it’s normal.  You eventually learn it hasn’t happened to everyone around you and then you see them as clean. Now kids are so intuitive, so when I was in school the kids could sense there was something different. They couldn’t put a name to it or understand it unless they had a similar experience. You know they don’t know what to call it, but then they could sense the energy coming off of me. They don’t know what to do with it, so I was relentlessly teased, I tied up at recess and they would throw rocks at me. It was a vicious cycle from the beginning until I met my husband. When we met, I told him everything about my life, cuz I didn’t want any secrets. I didn’t want anybody to come to him and say “did you know this about her?” or like “this is who she really is.” or whatever. I was upfront with him, and it’s not something that he learned growing up, cuz he didn’t have an easy time either. But he discovered some things and then taught me that really helped me to come out of that. I was then able to learn what kind of things are acceptable, what’s not acceptable, and how to love myself.

Ken: You said the abuse started early, when did it start?

Di: I learned last December, while I was doing the meditation at a metaphysical shop. During this meditation, I wasn’t expecting it but I came up with the memory of the abuse that happened when I was a baby. This is the first time I was raped. O did have that confirmed by a family member so that was true.

Ken: You know there are so many people who have gone through this. right? I mean rape and abuse is rampant now. 

Di: It happens much more than people want to admit even and then when it happens to your family you don’t want to admit that it’s done to your family member whether it be your brother, your kid, or you know whoever. I want to be open about these things, so people have the courage to stand up and say hey this happened to me. This could even lead them to get the support and healing they need.

Ken: I talked to you earlier about your show on just interesting people and after hearing that I shared it with my foster daughter and she has been abused and is working on overcoming it. So, I shared that with her and she really learned some good things from that. She was really appreciative of that interview.

Listen to the podcast for the full interview

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We are back with Di Snarr from “Touch of Healing” Kinesiology. She has been telling us about how she was abused and how she overcame it.

We also talked about:

What tools helped you to get to where you are now?

What was your top priority in beginning a change for the better?

If there were only three ideas that you leave for this world and your posterity, what 3 ideas would you leave for them that could lead them to have an amazing life?

What is the best way for folks to connect with you? personalpathways1111@gmail.com

Di, I want to recognize you. You have done the work of looking at what has happened to you and changing the thoughts and story that you created. You now share your story with others to help them change their story. That takes great strength and courage.

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