#1 Habit of the Most Successful

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Your Amazing Life
Your Amazing Life
#1 Habit of the Most Successful

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Our brain is set up with what is known as a Reticular Activating System. What the heck is that you are probably asking. Well, it is a network of neurons in your brain. Check out this info by Mel Robbins. The job of this system is to filter out experiences, sights and sounds. You see there is too much stimulus for us to take in with our conscious mind. So, this system runs in the subconscious.  Without this system we would not be here and we would not have survived as a species. We cannot make sense of this world with all of the stimuli out there if we don’t filter it down. We need the Reticular Activating System sort through the info and bring it down to a feasible chunk size that we can interpret. But that system keeps info from getting to your consciousness. So, if you have ever had the experience where you were looking for the salt and you are unable to see it. You ask “where is the salt?” You hear the answer “it is in the cupboard” and you say “no I’m looking in the cupboard and it is not there.” They come up beside you, reach into the cupboard you are looking at and grab the salt and hand it to you. That is the Reticular Activating System doing its job.

Now that we have talked about What the Reticular activating system does let’s talk about how it is programmed. You, people from your past and those you surround yourself with are the ones that programmed this filter in what to look for and what not to look for. This system is part of the subconscious. Now if we go back to looking for the salt, how is it we filtered it out of what we saw? Well maybe we thought it looked differently. So, what came through our eyes did not match the vision we had in our head. Maybe it was in an area we didn’t expect it to be. If we look at why you see things that go wrong in your life. That is because that is what we filter for and so those are the things we notice.

How does this work with emotions or feelings? Let’s look at those of you who feel unlovable. Well guess what you are filtering out all the experiences or things that are in front of your eyes that would help you to feel loved by this reticular activating system (RAS). See this system will put at the forefront of your conscious mind all evidence that can be construed as fulfilling the belief or filter you have set up. If you believe you are not liked at work the reticular activating system will be looking for evidence to back up that belief and it is the only thing that it will let the conscious mind see. You see what you see because of what you believe. The belief has to come first. “Believing is seeing” according to the evidence and scientific work done on the RAS.

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Today we are looking at the Habit of the most successful people. We then started to talk about the Reticular Activating System (RAS). This system is very important to our lives and existence. If everything we saw was given equal billing and came through to the conscious mind, your brain would melt down or explode. The RAS is why we have a confirmation bias. This filter is necessary to keep us alive. The problem is not with the filter. It has an important job and it does it.

Since it is not a problem of the system what is the problem? The problem is with the programming. We get to determine what we agree with, which is how to change the program. The program is one of your choosing. This is one of the reasons that we have talked about who you surround yourself with. They help with the programming of the RAS.  Another way to reprogram the RAS is through visualization and mindfulness. Opportunities are everywhere. You pass them by every day.  If not, there would be places that no one could ever get out of. There is proof in every community of people finding opportunity and moving out. The difference comes not from the place or the perceived lack of opportunity but from the programming of the RAS. Once you start to reprogram the brain you will start to spot opportunity, evidence, and coincidences so you can build momentum.  

I get that this RAS is important but how does this apply to the habits of the most successful people. The answer is successful people purposefully program the RAS. They do this through visualization. When doing visualization, they close their eyes. Then in those visualizations they see a specific picture of what it looks like in your life when yourself worth has improved. You visualize how you speak up more because of your feelings of self-worth. You will see yourself being connected, defining boundaries, and feeling complete. You are going to see the value that you have. You will see yourself doing the things that will get you to the life you want. In that vision state.

The next thing that you will do after visualizing the specific purpose is to consciously think of the positive emotions you will experience. You will see yourself happy, healthy, and strong. You will know that you will stand taller. That you will be able to share your unique gifts with this world because of knowing who you are. There I am, I got a raise, or promotion! There I am, I got another customer. There I am, I graduated from college. Doing this is actually training your brain to have a totally different filter. One of the most amazing things about your brain is, it is unable to tell the difference between what happened to you when you got an A in your class in 11th grade or the things you visualize happening to you. If you can make it a complete experience with senses and emotions your brain will process them the same way. There is no difference to your brain between real and imagined experiences. When you visualize this way, it encodes it as a real memory. As you visualize in this way you will gain more confidence, security, and the actual skill needed to do it.

So, if you are tired of suffering, not feeling loved or accepted, having low self-esteem, feeling burnt out, if you’re suffering from Imposter Syndrome; If you want to struggle less and enjoy more. If you want a truly amazing life that is connected and complete, you need the “you have value program” If you are willing to make some changes, be kind to yourself, and continue to try, or stop chasing comfort. I would love to help you to create who you are actually capable of becoming.  Contact me.

“Next time you’ll hear the greatest of moments are often small ones …

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