How to Step Up When Times are Tough

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Your Amazing Life
Your Amazing Life
How to Step Up When Times are Tough

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Times might seem like they are tough right now. There is much going on in the world. Many things have never been so divided and things have never been such a global problem as they are today. Covid death rate in the US has gone down since covid started. But India has over 350 thousand confirmed new cases a day and almost 4,000 deaths a day. There is no place where there are people on this earth that has not been affected. But it has not affected every place equally, places like India are getting hit harder than others like Greenland. Then if we look at the individual lives and how they have been affected. You might be suffering from unemployment. You might not have the money you need for essentials. You might be lonely and have been by yourself for the last year and a half. Maybe you have lost loved ones or family to sickness or unrest. There are multiple reasons that can cause suffering right now.

“Peaks and valleys are connected. The errors you make in today’s good time create tomorrow’s bad time. The wise thing you do in today’s bad times creates tomorrow’s good times.” Spencer Johnson MD. I was the man who lived in the valley for years and years. The valleys are the moments when you long for something that is not in your life. When we think this is a tough time then we are in the valley. There was a group on LinkedIn that I am a part of and they were talking about a post. “Train your mind to see the good in everything. Positivity is a choice. The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.” One of the people asked about the difference between genuine and toxic positivity. What they were talking about was the peaks and valleys. But the peaks are not related to the good times. The peaks are related to how you feel about the experience. If we judge the experiences that we have then there will be both positive and negative ones. We will find tough times, right? We find tough times because we judge the experiences we have. When we judge them, we then label them as either positive or negative. When we label them as negative, we then put ourselves into the valley. We are looking at the experience and wanting something other than what happened. Can we change what happened? Can we have a different experience? No of course we can’t. The only thing we can change is the label and desire we have in regard to that experience. This is what I call “your story.” Your story is the way you label things that happen to you. It is the meaning you apply to experiences. It is the thought processes you have developed. That story can come from every different part of your body. We talked with Tyler Watson in episode 196 how each part of the body has memory. Those memories from different parts of your body can call thoughts to your mind. So, your entire body creates your story. It causes the beliefs that you have. It is so important to be careful with the story that you create. 

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We are going over how to step up during tough times. We talked about some of the things going on right now that many people label as tough. We then went into how the thoughts that we have create either a peak or a valley. The valley is what we experience when we think things are bad. We talked about “story” and how it is created from our entire body. Through the memories that are located throughout our bodies and in every cell. Most of the tough times are tough due to the label we apply to the experience.

So, if that is the case how do we change the labels and get to the peaks in life? Well for changing the memories throughout the body tools like the one that Tyler Watson shared with us works great. In dealing with your “story” be creative with your labels. This even works with the death of someone close to you. I get that they will be missed. Some of you might even think that they left before they should have. But those are labels. It can be hard with that kind of loss and that experience can create huge and long-lasting grief. It is not that we can be happy about the loss but we can be grateful for the time we had together. We can look at what we got from the relationship instead of what we lost. This goes back to a statement I have been telling people for quite a while. I have used it to explain why I want to keep my religious beliefs but it can go deeper than that. “If I am wrong about the way I choose to think and feel I would rather be wrong and feel happy and complete then be right in what I think and feel and be miserable.” So, you have the ability to choose how you will think and feel and those will come from the thoughts and labels that you explain the experiences that come into your lives.

For many of us when tough times come, we want to blame others and the experiences. We then tend to withdraw from others. We look to find people that will bemoan our situation with us. We think about the problem over and over and we do not move our bodies. All of those things are the exact opposite of what would get us over the experiences. Instead of blaming if we focus on the parts that we can control we can see the things that we can change. No matter what it was that happened to us there are things about the situation that we can control. Those things that we can control we can change. No matter what happened or what we did we can find people who understand and will be able to assist us. We can find friends who will help us to build our lives and see the positive aspects that can come from any situation. Having supportive people around is key to success. Moving our body will help us be healthy and to change our thought processes. This has been proven by science! Practicing mindfulness, and controlling your mind and the thoughts that enter will allow you to overcome the negative mindset. These are real and key experiences to overcoming the valleys in our life.

If you are tired of suffering from negative thought patterns, and beating up on yourself, overreacting, Not feeling like yourself, and doing it over and over again; you need the “you have value program” If you want to struggle less and enjoy more. If you want a truly amazing life that is connected and complete, then we need to talk. If you are willing to make some changes, be kind to yourself, and stop chasing comfort. I would love to help you to create who you are actually capable of becoming.  Contact me, ‪(801) 449-0750‬.

“Next time you’ll hear an interview With Rich Cardona and he will talk about being 38 and how he needed to start exploring what he wanted to do with his life…

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