10 Ways to Make it Big in Tough Times!

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Your Amazing Life
Your Amazing Life
10 Ways to Make it Big in Tough Times!

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Right now, things have been tough pretty much all over the world. We have had Covid 19, Fires, floods, famine, freezing temps, and now the biggest drought in recorded history for the mountain west. Plus, we have had riots and civil unrest. Some of these have been only in the US but most of them have been world problems. It has been a challenging time for many people the world over. Many people have been mistreated and abused. During this time there are opportunities. “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity” ― Albert Einstein. During this time, you have the chance to make changes and find solutions. That is what comes in these times of conflict and challenge that we all are going through. 

There are important things to keep in mind during this time. When times get tuff, many people forget what they have overcome. They become sad and or gloomy. They start to believe things will never change. That they will be unable to overcome these problems. Those who take on these feelings often get stuck and are unable to move past the challenge. But keep in mind that challenges and conflict are at the beginning of change. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Stay positive: “Life is not the way it’s supposed to be, it’s the way it is. The way you cope is what makes the difference.” – Virginia Satir Staying positive is an important part of overcoming difficult times. This is about your story and the things you tell yourself. Telling yourself that you will overcome and get through this is the story to tell yourself.
  2. Bad times end: Throughout history, the tough times have ended. Even if you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, realize it is a tunnel and all tunnels end. Thinking that a situation will not end is a distorted perception. Our minds expand negative events as they happen making it appear that they last longer than they do. It is like watching the bad thing happen in slow motion.
  3. Learn from the inopportune times: “Facing difficulties is inevitable, learning from them is optional” – John Maxwell. Pick these times apart, look for what you can change. This will help you provide a clearer picture of what is going on and how to not have it be a problem in the future.
  4. Picture past difficult situations and realize that even though you didn’t feel like you would ever get past that you did. I’m betting you can find a precedent that proves you can handle the problems that you are facing and overcome them. When you look at those things you overcome It boost your self-confidence and can motivate you to take action.
  1. It is okay to ask for help: There are people in your life who would be anxious to help if only they knew how and when too. Those close to you would be willing to help you when you ask. But just thinking over who might be available to help might give you the support and comfort you need to get through it. 
  2. Focus on what you can control: There are things that you can control as well as things you cannot. You are setting yourself up to be miserable when you focus on things out of your control. Learn to know what you can control. Make a list about the parts of the situation that you can control and focus on them.
  3. Build up your support group: Like we talked about in episode 202. Positive people will give you a support system that is authentic and helpful. They will lovingly brighten your day. They will be honest with you and have your best interest at heart. It is always helpful to have someone who has been through it so that they can safely lead you along the path so you don’t fall and break something.
  4. Forgive: Forgiveness is not for the one that caused the pain, it is the way you release the pain from inside of you. It doesn’t matter who caused the pain. It could have been a family member, loved one or even yourself. Holding on to it keeps it burning within you. It burns you from the inside and creates more heat the more you fan the flames by thinking about it.
  5. Be kind and take care of yourself. Do things that make you happy. This is a time when a hike or walk in the park can help. Maybe read an amazing book, or lift some weights. The point is to get your mind and body engaged at a higher altitude. This works only if you stop thinking about the problem and have forgiven all.
  6. Be Grateful: Instead of concentrating on the negative focus on the things that you are grateful for. Make a list with everything you can think of that you can be thankful for including the lessons that life has helped you to learn. Think of the person that you are most grateful for, write a note explaining why you are grateful to them and what they have meant to you. Give them a call to tell them or let them read the note.  

If you are tired of suffering, of beating up on yourself, overreacting, and doing it over and over again; If you want to struggle less and enjoy life more. If you want a truly amazing life that is connected and complete, you need the “you have value program” If you are willing to make some changes, be kind to yourself, fail forward and continue to try, or stop chasing comfort. I would love to help you to create the person who you are actually capable of becoming. Contact me.

Next time you’ll hear about the Four Traits required to have an amazing Life …

I want each of you to know I appreciate each and every one of you. I’m grateful for your friendship. You mean a lot to me. I know you have overcome some really tough things to get here. Like I said at the beginning there are a few things you can do to help, YAL If this message has been helpful today, please share it with a friend or family member who may need to hear it. Or sponsor it. If you haven’t yet, please subscribe to this blog and leave a rating and review. Also join the Facebook Group or if you need to get yourself aligned to get your goals and dreams, contact me. Let’s get you the amazing life you want! Set up a time to talk with me so we can discuss how you can use these tools and others to get your amazing life!

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