How to Inoculate the World from a Threat Bigger than Covid

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Your Amazing Life
Your Amazing Life
How to Inoculate the World from a Threat Bigger than Covid

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So mental health issues are a bigger threat than covid. We touched on this in episode 197 depression affects more than 18 million adults in the US and is the primary cause of disability for ages 15-44.  So, in the last year according to the CDC the US has had 569,771 deaths related to covid as of the time I wrote this. That is less than 2% die from having covid. According to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Suicide is 10th leading cause of death in the US. Individuals with serious mental illness (some studies estimate as many as two-thirds) are responsible for a disproportionate number of mass public killings.

So, the problem is the disconnection and depression that people feel in our world. How do we inoculate against those? We need to change our culture. We need to foster feelings of “you are not alone.” If we can get others to smile and help them feel happier or better than they did before we came into contact with them that is a change to this world. If we could get the message out there that they are important to us and them being alive is important to us we can change their world. We can change things by being there for others, and by helping them to know that they are cared for. We can be different, if we could ask” what can I do now to help you?” You have the chance to save more people than you know. It can be just reaching out on social media and telling people that they are important rather than attacking them. You can make such a difference in the lives of others by sharing your love and acceptance. Reaching out to everyone within your realm of influence. That may mean people you pass on the street or stand next to in live at the store, or people that you only sort of know online. But you have the chance to be the difference. Your reaching out can save lives. Just by connecting with those that are suffering and showing that you care you can make a difference for those suffering from depression.

Now, I do not want to downplay the seriousness of the problem. Even if we all did this it would take more work to solve the issues but this would move us a lot farther ahead than we are and solve many of the problems. If we became compassionate listeners without trying to fix others, we could make a difference in the world. This is not just a one-time act. No, we need to become that type of person. Since those that are struggling tend to isolate, we need to reach out. What do you think showing you care would do to those around you? How would it change their lives? This is a serious problem. But if people felt loved and accepted many would not get into depression and some might be cured. It is something that you can do to help. It is a way you can make a difference in this world. This is a serious problem but you are part of the key to fixing it.

Other parts of society that we also need to change to affect these outcomes are the food and nutrition that we provide. We know what a devastating effect high fructose syrup has on people yet we still use it and we make it cheap. We use colorings that the body is not adept to deal with. We make readily available stimulants like caffeine, coffee and soda then we also make depressants like alcohol. These are consumed in great quantities maybe even daily and they play a big part in the mental health problem that we are struggling with. 

There are so many tools that are available to help yet many of them do not produce income so they are overlooked or ignored. But each of us as an individual can make a difference. We can change our actions. We can support those things that bring health and caring to this world. One person can make a difference in the lives of others. You can make a difference. Let others know that you care, let them know that you are there. Let them know that you will listen. Be an example of mental health. Reduce your anxiety and stress. Use things like meditation or journaling to ground your thoughts. Show others how to be grateful by counting your blessings out loud. Spend time outdoors getting a fix from nature. Talk about your feelings both good and bad and be an example of the strength that comes from sharing on a deep level. Volunteer your time and help others. If you use these tools, you will have a very remote chance of suffering from depression and you will inoculate others.  

If you are tired of suffering, if depression is a problem, if you are overreacting, using avoidance tactics, and doing it over and over again; If you want to struggle less and enjoy more. If you want a truly amazing life that is connected and complete, then you need the “you have value program” If you are willing to make some changes, be kind to yourself, fail forward and continue to try, or stop chasing comfort. I would love to help you to create who you are actually capable of becoming.  Contact me.

“Next time you’ll hear an interview with Tad Stephens and he will tell us about “FEAD” …

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