How Self Love Feels

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Your Amazing Life
Your Amazing Life
How Self Love Feels

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When we were born our natural state was “love” we love ourselves. Then we started to see outside of ourselves and if we were in a secure supportive environment, we felt love for our parents. Then the circle continued with other family members and friends. Now for all of us there was a point that that all changed. The point that caused the pain is different for all of us. Maybe as a young child you were not wanted. Maybe instead of being loved you were the point of someone’s power or lust like we talked about in the last episode. So maybe the story you took was that you were unwanted, or unworthy. Maybe it happened later in your teen years. Most of us have picked up a time where we stop loving ourselves. We then start to judge and compare ourselves. We put the needs of others ahead of ours, maybe we created an addiction, started to abuse our bodies, or accept less than we deserve. These are the opposite of self-love. How did we move so far from our natural state of feeling “loved.”? Well, it starts with our story. At some time, you took an experience you had and assigned a certain meaning to it, that you are unlovable.

How do we reverse that? To start loving yourself the thing to do is to become aware and accept that you are the only one with the power to change that feeling. So often people say “I can’t control what others do. I’m just reacting to them. But the truth is the triggers are yours. You have the ability to move and maybe even remove the buttons that they push. Not everyone reacts the same way to the same stimuli. If others can react differently, you can choose too also. We free ourselves as we learn to control our thoughts and change them to adjust our emotions. How has being a slave to your emotions served you so far? Does it make you feel loved? Of course not. When you truly love yourself, you find the love and strength inside of you to not react to the situation. You take that big red button away and give yourself the power over your actions rather than the experience you are having. To do this you must become aware and accept that you are the one that can control your behaviors no matter what others say or do.

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Today we are talking about how self-love feels. We talked about how self-love is a natural state we all experienced at birth and then through experience we gave up on that feeling. Then we talked about becoming aware of and accepting that we are the only ones with power to control our emotions.

One of the things that will lead you towards loving yourself is to contemplate on your own value and worth. As you learn of your true value and worth you will see yourself differently. As someone of value you will not allow that voice in your head to dribble on and on beating yourself up. As being someone of worth you will not put others needs before your own. You would not treat any other person of worth like that but for some reason it has been okay to treat yourself that way in the past. There are others out there that are aware of your value and worth. They see it in you. Those are the people you want to start to understand, it doesn’t matter what the people that lust or want to exercise power over you think. They have no idea who you are or what your value is as they can’t see past their own needs. It is hard to find your value and worth if you are around others that don’t look past their nose. This is a time to start meditating and journaling on your value and worth!

Now that you have contemplated on your value and worth it is time to show yourself compassion and patience. Just because you have started to see your value doesn’t mean that you will not react in situations nor that you will not slip back and into an addiction. Those triggers will still be found from time to time. That is okay. Now is the time to practice compassion. It is okay to fail. That is a part of the life experience we are having. You do not have to be perfect. Here is a time to be patient. I still have addictions and I still get stressed. I experience failures. I can be patient with myself. I am not yet perfect. I can then show compassion and realize, I’m not where I was 30 years ago, I am not in the same place I was 10 years ago. I am not in the palace I was in 3 years ago. I am not in the same place I was in yesterday. I can await tomorrow and the changes that I will make then. Knowing my value, it is worthwhile to be patient and show myself compassion.

If you are tired of suffering, beating up on yourself, overreacting, using avoidance tactics, breaking your word, and doing it over and over again; If you want to struggle less and enjoy more. If you want a truly amazing life that is connected and complete, you need the “you have value program” If you are willing to make some changes, be kind to yourself, fail forward and continue to try, or stop chasing comfort. I would love to help you to create who you are actually capable of becoming.  Contact me,

“Next time you’ll hear an interview and we will be talking about how Debbie was affected by a divorce after 32 years of marriage …

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