All You Need is Love? Fact or Fiction?

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Your Amazing Life
Your Amazing Life
All You Need is Love? Fact or Fiction?

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Just from the title I bet the Beatles song rang through your head. “All You Need is Love, da, da,da,da,daaa” According to Maslow and others there are a few other needs out there. But love is on the list and pretty high up there! While love may not be the only thing you need life without it would be bitter and worthless. But John Lennon was on to something when he said “We need to learn to love ourselves first, in all our glory and our imperfections. If we cannot love ourselves, we cannot fully open to our ability to love others.”

So, the answer to the question Who loves you anyways? The answer needs to start with ME; I love myself! Love of someone else is only possible when we love ourselves. Love is found in a few other mammal groups but nowhere else in the animal kingdom. It is primarily a distinctive human trait. It is what allows us to create a special connection outside of those we are related to and our mate. Love is part of the blueprint that has made survival of the species possible. 

Love comes about as we engage in a mutually intensified relationship. Self-love doesn’t come from meeting only our needs. No that makes us either narcissistic or a sociopath. Self-love is developed as we meet the needs of ourselves as well as those we are in relationships with. Love makes us whole. Not from the outside but from the inside. I am complete not because of my wife or the amazing relationship I have with her. No, but as I built the amazing relationship with her, I gained more love for myself. It is synergistic. Love is deeply caring for others. Loving hands can soothe pains, it can ease hurts. Love is what makes life beautiful. Without it we will lose our taste for life. If you are thinking about taking yourself out of this world, then you are not feeling loved!

If you are feeling bad but think you have love there are some things that you may be feeling that masquerade as love. Power is an impersonator of love. When others do your bidding and conform to your wishes that can be misconstrued as love. Lust is a fraud that many people confuse for love. The line between them is often blurred. Lust leads to the imposition of one’s will over another. Love is always mutually enhancing where both gain from the experience. Love builds, it makes everyone better and stronger. As you show love for others you build love in yourself.

The first step to loving anyone, yourself included you must recognize the value of that person you want to love. You and everyone on this earth has overcome amazing odds to get here. Everyone here has talents and abilities that are unique to them. Everyone on this earth is lovable. Each one of us is capable. Your relationships are a defining factor in shaping your life. If you love someone; you will listen, respect and understand that person. So how much do you listen, respect and understand yourself? Those are required of you in order to feel deeply for yourself or others. I used to think poorly of myself. But if I am as poor as I thought, then those that care about me can’t be that smart. If they were that amazing, they would know who I am and how bad I felt I was. It is difficult to snow others for long periods of time. It is just not very likely. The effort that would take would be incredible. So, if there are people who love you, those that care, then there are reasons that you are worthy of being loved. Even if you can’t see them. If you struggle to see them it is about your story and the things you tell yourself. Love is recognizing the value of a person and being true to oneself.

We don’t love people that are free from flaws and faults. We love people despite them. Yet to ourselves we often see ourselves as unlovable because of them. Yet we all have faults and flaws, if others are loveable despite them then we are also. To do otherwise is a double standard. It is important to love yourself despite your flaws and faults, just as you do for others in your life. Trace your life path from start to now. Discover the story that you have written about it. Learn to understand yourself. Become intimate with the negative emotions, shameful acts and every regret. Why do you have them? What are they really? How would you treat your best friend if they had made that same mistake? Everything you do and feel has a cause and as you think about and study that you will discover more about you. Your vision of the world is jaded by your thoughts. When you study your reality, you will see how you have tainted those experiences. You can start to see the world differently. As you look, realize that your thoughts are nothing more than your opinions, not facts. Those thoughts then start emotions. Memories are always the start of emotions. Like we discussed With Tyler Watson, those memories can come from any part of your body; they do not have to start in your head. But memories always come before emotions.

It is important to rid yourself of these 5 toxic beliefs

  1. The present represents what is possible in the future
  2. Being vulnerable is dangerous and can result in getting hurt
  3. There is a problem with being alone.
  4. I need to act a certain way be accepted and fit in
  5. Everything that happens is a direct assault on me.

If you are tired of suffering, beating up on yourself, overreacting, using avoidance tactics, breaking your word, and doing it over and over again; If you want to struggle less and enjoy more. If you want a truly amazing life that is connected and complete you need the “you have value program” If you are willing to make some changes, be kind to yourself, fail and continue to try, or stop chasing comfort. I would love to help you create who you are actually capable of becoming.  Contact me.

“Next time you’ll hear More on how self-love feels…

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