How Does a Study on Rabbits Reveal the Secret to Living a Longer Life?

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Your Amazing Life
Your Amazing Life
How Does a Study on Rabbits Reveal the Secret to Living a Longer Life?

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So, there was a study done in 1978 that became known as the “Rabbit Effect” There has since been additional studies and a book written about it. It has opened up new and groundbreaking research. What is this study you might ask and how did it reveal the secret to living longer? Let’s start with the study. Dr Robert Nerem and his research staff performed a study to establish the relationship between a high fat diet and heart health. To do this they put together several groups of New Zealand White rabbits and feed them a diet high in fat. They expected to find high cholesterol levels in the rabbits and fatty deposits in the small blood vessels like the long proven and recited results of today. But they came upon a problem: there was a significantly large number of rabbits that did not have the results they were expecting.  So, they started to examine the study and the differences that the rabbits had experienced. What they determined was that the healthier rabbits had all been in the same group and under the care of the same post-doctoral student who held the animals and treated them with love and patience. This was to be the only difference that they could identify and so they did a second study focusing on the type of care the rabbits received which confirmed the kind of treatment that they received made a large difference on their health outcome.

So how does this play into our lives? In a day when heart health is part of most conversations about health. In a society that speaks constantly about “Low Fat” At least 48% of the US adults have some form of cardiovascular disease. So, half of the adults in the US have some form of heart disease. That is so huge! But the important question is why? Well, the difference that was found in the rabbit effect had nothing to do with the high fat diet. In fact, it had nothing to do with what the rabbits ate.  It all boiled down to how they were treated. It had more to do with the love they felt from the researcher. Well in a day when we are more apt to get someone hating on us for what we said rather than love for who we are. In an age when depression affects more than 18 million adults in the US and is the primary cause of disability for ages 15-44. This is a huge problem, to more than just our mental health! But if Love can change so many health and mental health issues there must be organizations out there and media coverage, or maybe health insurance companies talking about it. It is proven to be such a big difference in health and wellbeing, yet I haven’t seen many news article or insurance commercial working to get us to love each other more. Have you?

How is it that something that accounts for $23 billion in lost workdays each year doesn’t have every headline? Some Politicians are concerned with gun violence. If we compare homicide at 16,000 lives per year in comparison to suicide which is over 41,000. Homicide is less than half. Where is the outrage that people are killing themselves? If we look at Veterans it affects even more of this small population. Up to 20 out of every 100 Vets deal with PTSD. So, this is something that needs more people talking about it. 

Now, many suggest pulling yourself up by the bootstraps. We have talked about meditation and exercise and other tools for dealing with these emotions. Last Thursday with Tyler Watson we talked about how the body has memories and can hold on to those and bring up the feelings of depression and anxiety all of this can happen outside the brain. That is why it is so hard to let go of those. We can pick and choose what goes through our head but it takes more work to dislodge a memory for a muscle or organ. But there is a tool Tyler gave us for aligning the body to what you mind wants and releasing those memories. If you need help releasing those and aligning your goals to your body Tyler has trained me and I can help you.

But what can we do to have a longer life? Well, the answer is pretty simple: surround yourself with love and show love to everyone else. It doesn’t matter if you agree with people or not. It is possible to love people and disagree with them. I have many family members that I don’t agree with on so many levels but I still love them. It doesn’t matter what they believe or think. But so many times in society we judge not only the beliefs but the person for having them. We have to hate on others because they see things differently. Hate is the opposite of love. We close ourselves off from love and cripple our ability to feel it when we have hated inside of us. The love that changed the health of the rabbits also changed the health of the researcher. That is harder to make a study out of. But if love made the difference, I would argue that it didn’t matter whether the love was given or received it would still act the same in the body.  We as humans tend to be a mirror for emotions. You might have heard the saying you can only receive what you give. Do you give love or are you bottled up with anger, hate and frustration for those in your life that hurt you? It doesn’t matter if they meant to hurt you or not. Even if they did mean to the hurt, pain, hate and anger you hold onto will lessen your life as much or more than the life of the person you feel it towards.

In our next blog or podcast, we will be talking about … Who loves you anyways?

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