What are the Three C’s and How do They Fit Into your Life

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Your Amazing Life
Your Amazing Life
What are the Three C’s and How do They Fit Into your Life

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So, the three C’s are From Zig Ziggler and they are: “You must make a choice to take a chance, or your life will never change.” Change is the outcome we want. But the choice and chance have to come before the change. We have to become what we want before we get it! But often the change that we want is the “Plan” that we talked about in episode 194. It might be a monetary goal; we want to be rich or we want $30,000 or $100,000 a month. But if that is not us now then there needs to be change to get us to that point. So, we need to make a choice and take a chance, in order to get to that change that we want. What if the thing we want isn’t about money? It really doesn’t matter what the goal is.  It doesn’t matter what you want. Maybe you want to be more of a leader. Maybe you want to be happier. If there is a difference between what you want and where you are now then you can make a choice and to take a chance so that the change can come into your life.

Have you ever been scared by change? Okay not you, but maybe you have known someone that is scared by change right? I guess a better question is who hasn’t been. I mean the example I try to live up to, which is Christ. He showed that it was a choice and he was willing to take the chance to make the change that was the Atonement. So, it is not always easy to make the choice, or to take a chance. For me there is fear around the change and if I will be successful or a failure. For many years I have feared failure. I have feared the way others saw me. I feared if I was worthy or not. I feared I was lovable. That could and would have gone on for my entire life had I not made a choice and taken a chance on me! I had to make changes in my mind and body, I changed the belief and story that had permeated my body and mind for so many years. I had to adopt a story that was about my true self and worth. As I look back over time, I wish I could tell you, oh it was this date and this time. But that is not how it worked for me. It was one baby step after the other. It was wearing a wristband that say’s “I am Worthy” and ‘I am Enough” it was when my podcast hit 1000 listens. It was the way I interpreted a friend looking at me. It is knowing that my wife sees value in me and still wants to be around me, after nearly 30 years. I can find things for nearly every day, It is easy to find what you look for. When I wanted to find ways, I was “unlovable” and “not enough” I found them. I can look at the same day, even the same memory and find the two opposing messages. Many people try to blame life and the things that happen to them on the outcome. When it is the three C’s that make up what we experience. Then we have an amazing life.

The biggest single block in your life usually comes from you. Maybe it is due to fear. Fear can stop you in your tracks. You could fear that it might not work or maybe that you will not be accepted, or are not worthy. There are so many stories you could tell yourself that would produce the feeling of fear that you are experiencing. Fear slows mental action. It renders people incapable of acting sagely. Fear strips us of our power, boldness, originality, and confidence. Or maybe it is due to allergy which causes an overreaction or a negative bodily reaction to the change you want. This is often seen as a self-defeating behavior. But there are no self-defeating behaviors, our bodies get us what we expect and what they are in alignment with.  If you wonder if your body has memory, just think about the term muscle memory. Each muscle in your body has memories. So, we get what we are not afraid of nor allergic to.  If there is a part of our body that is not in alignment with what we want. We will not be able to bring it into our lives. But there are ways to rid yourself of fears and align your body to what you want. 

Choosing to take a chance to change thoughts can be a daunting process. But it is much less daunting than continuing to follow the path that you are on. If you are unsure where you are, or where you need to start or need the guidance to build a program to get you to where you want to be. If you need help aligning your body to get what you want. I can help. That is what the “I Have Value” program is made for. So, contact me now so we can get you going this way you can get to the future or plan that you want and do it in a shorter time frame.

In our next blog we will be talking about the Abundance Alignment Technique with Tyler Watson… So, we will see you then.

I want each of you to know I appreciate each and every one of you. I’m grateful for your friendship. You mean a lot to me. I know you have overcome some really tough things to get here. Like I said at the beginning there are a few things you can do to help, YAL If this message has been helpful today, please share it with a friend or family member who may need to hear it. Or sponsor it. If you haven’t yet, please subscribe to this blog and leave a rating and review. Also join the Facebook Group or set up a time to talk with me so we can discuss how you can use these tools and others to get your amazing life!

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