What is New with ADHD and ADD

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What is New with ADHD and ADD

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So, research now shows that the brain is constantly changing and growing throughout our lives. It changes in the number of connections. Those are affected by experiences we have and are the key to our intelligence. This is different to the belief of a few years ago. Then they believed the brain was hardwired and it only grew till we hit age 21 and then it stopped growing. They believed if it got injured or burnt out it was gone. This information is being tossed out as the new info is adopted. Now not every brain develops at the same rate. This can delay some people in gaining the skills to do well in school. Each brain feeds, it loves to be stimulated. The brain can learn and grow throughout life; it can move past the symptoms of ADHD if properly stimulated, and given the correct experiences and exercised. This is so different from the thoughts that govern the, we must drug those outside of the curve, mentality.

So, this week we have been talking about ADHD.  We started in episode 185 and discussed how there is no test for ADHD and many of the symptoms are similar to other problems like depression, and anxiety. We talked about how ADHD affected me. Then in episode 186 we talked about symptoms and ways to work through it. I am not trying to downplay the pain some people have been through. Neither am I saying that medication is out or the question. I do want you to know that you are not broken. You do not need to be fixed. ADHD and ADD are a combination of personality traits, lack of skills and abilities. That is why there is no medical test for ADHD or ADD. It is important to understand what ADHD and ADD are and how to change the lives of those with it.

So, there are two things that make up how our brain works. The first is your genes and they are the blueprint. They decide how many brain cells and influence the number of connections, when they are developed, and if they develop with chronological age. Then everything else including the number of connections is based on experience and learning. The use and stimulation of the brain is key to intelligence and success in the education experience. We have little ability to change the development of the brain. But that is such a small part. We have total ability to change the experiences and stimulation we provide the brain. These make a huge difference on how the brain works.

Because of the things we have learned we now know that sensory-rich exercises targeted to the weak pathways will greatly expand connections which will enlarge the brain’s handling of information. Let’s say you want to increase your muscle tone and slim your body. You would not be successful if you just do pushups, nor if you just did squats. You would do many different exercises, to be successful they would use all muscle groups. As we exercise the brain, we don’t want to just focus on one weakness we want to strengthen all of our brain’s weaknesses to improve learning.  

Each of us have a specific way of picking up information. Some do quite well from lectures because they are auditory learners. Others are more visual; they like reading and charts, things they can see. Then there are those that are kinesthetic. They are hands on and very active type pupils. The thing to realize is that teachers are going to teach to their preferred learning type. Now there are some great teachers out there who use all three auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. This is the highest form of teaching. Using all of the modalities of teaching.

The next process that we go through to learn is when we internalize the information. Most educators or the general public do not understand how this happens. Some people see pictures in their mind of how the thing they are learning about goes. Those pictures actually create the ability to internalize the info. If you think about a phone number that you have memorized maybe you see the numbers in your head. Maybe you see a keypad and see the pattern being dialed. Maybe you have the phone number set to a rhythmic sequence of sounds and that is what plays through your head each time you dial the number. So, you have a preferred way of internalizing the information that is past to you.

Both physical and mental processes are linked. Even though your problem is mental and it is slowing your scholastic development there are physical exercises that can build a stronger foundation for the skills necessary for effective learning. If you want help with these tools or others contact me at 801-609-3346 or ken.youramazinglife@gmail.com

In our next blog we’ll be interviewing Mack Griffin, about story and overcoming his medical separation from the Army, so join us tomorrow …

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