5 Astonishing Ways to Discover Your Purpose

Want to know how to discover your purpose? Yesterday we talked about finding purpose and how we might be part of one of three groups. The first group finds their purpose quickly. They might know from a young age. I gave an example of my son Wesley, who knew at the age of 5 what he wanted to do. Then there is the second group. They are like me; they search day in and day out without fail to find their purpose. They don’t stop until they find it no matter when it is. Then the last group is those who try for a while and then give up on finding it. If you have been in that last group there is hope and you can move forward today. You can get help to learn of your purpose..

Finding your purpose helps you to live a longer and more meaningful life. Purpose is not handed to you. You choose it. Life purposes can and do change over time. You get to create and then own your own purpose.

These five strategies can help you unearth, detect, or discover your purpose. In this way you can create a more meaningful, impactful, amazing life.

The number one way is to serve others. Many people mistakenly believe that if you feel lost and unsure of who you are you need to get selfish. To do just what you want. To change the relationships and responsibilities that surround you. Finding your purpose inside of yourself is self obsessed. The way to happily find who you are is to get outside of yourself and serve others. Stanford and Florida State University researchers found that meaningfulness came from giving to others in a connected relationship. They also found that meaningful activities are associated with longer term thinking and integrate the past, present, with the future. Find ways to donate time, money or talents.

The second thing is to take inventory of your relationship with yourself. Find out your likes, strengths, and who you are. This might take trial and error, most likely it will take time. Some ways people around you find who they are, might not work for you. To start with I recommend the Working Genius test that gives you a high level overview of what you enjoy and are good at. There are tests that can help you pinpoint your strengths. There are also personality tests that give you different ideas about what are your strengths, likes, and who you are. This way you can gain a better idea on who you are and what you are good at.

So number three is to assess your relationships with others. Who you are will reflect on those that you keep company with. Who do you like to be around? What role do you take in the relationship? Do you lead or do they? Are they positive people or whiners? What is the payoff that you receive from being with them? Why do you choose to be around them? Now this is not about cleaning house, You might not need to change friends. No this is about learning who you are friends with and why they are people you match up with. Why do you want to spend time with them? Learning about who you want to be around will teach you about who you are. As you are assessing relationships assesses what new relationships you can start. Reach out to people and build relationships with people who you have not had one. Examine your relationships, build new ones and see what all of your relationships make of you!

Number four is to look at what you love to do. How do you like to spend your time? What pet projects do you have? What things are you passionate about? Do you love theater, music, video games, or feel a passion for a non profit or injustice? Those types of things will help you to identify your purpose. How can you put your skills and strengths to work? My purpose is providing others with encouragement and assistance to build the life that they want. I want you to be happy and be able to create the life that you want! That is what I love to do. That is who I am.

The fifth thing to do is to get feedback and we talked about this in episode 177 with strengths. Use people that you can trust and find out what they notice about the things you are good at and love to do. Just like with strengths where you think something is easy and everyone can do it, you may do something that is so ingrained that you don’t realize how important or difficult it is. When you get feedback from those that are trustworthy they might help you see the things that matter to you and you might even see them in a different light. Look at the observations of you and look for patterns that point to your purpose.

Finding your purpose will not be something you do today or even this week most likely. Finding your purpose is a long term endeavor for most of us. One of the reasons is it changes over time for many people as we grow and experience new things. It creates a small reposition in our purpose. It might only be a degree, just a small change. Our purpose may shift from time to time as we grow. Your purpose doesn’t have to change what you are already doing. The path you are on may be taking you in the direction you want to go. If not you can reroute. It may be that you will spend a lifetime on the road to find out what your purpose is. It will be worth it!

In our next blog we will be talking about How to Reduce Stress through Hobbies…

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