How to Feel Better About Myself

Your Amazing Life
Your Amazing Life
How to Feel Better About Myself

After an awesome interview with Kim Knavel last Thursday (if you missed it be sure to go back and listen) and what she said about not believing in her capacity to find things she liked about herself, I wanted to go into more detail on that.  

There are three types of abilities you can have. The first being strengths; these are assumed to come natural to an individual. Then there is; skills which are learned through training or experience. Lastly there is talent and talent is an innate ability that comes from a strong biological background. The difference between a strength and a talent is a talent is a strength passed down a generation or more. From a paper by Ryan M. Niemiec. He says most people are unaware of their strengths. You have strengths, skills and talents.  

Let us concentrate on what strengths are and how to see them. Because they come easily, many people downplay their strengths. They often think oh everyone can do that. It is easy so there is nothing special about my ability to do it. The truth is it is special, it comes easily because it is a strength. There are many people that it doesn’t come easy to. If you had to work at it then it is a skill. You might be here because you do not have a strong understanding of your strengths, skills and talents. Strengths do need to be practiced to remain strong, they can be lost if not used. Strengths reflect people’s individuality, their true core, and allow them to be their best selves. According to Don Clifton there are four themes that strength can be divided into. Strategic thinking the first would be things like analytical, context, futuristic thinking or strategic thinking. To name a few. Next is relationship building; things like connectedness, empathy, positivity, or realtor are some of the different relationships building strengths you can have. Then there is Influencing; which includes things like competition, maximizer, communicator, and self-assurance. Lastly there is executing; and people can have strengths like achiever, arranger, consistency, and focus. So, it is important to know and concentrate on our strengths.

 If strengths are things that most people overlook things that seem to come easy to them and that you think everyone can do. Then what are your strengths?  Why is it important to know your strengths? Research shows that knowing and using your strengths can increase happiness and help you find purpose. It also can help manage stress and help you accomplish goals. It is important to pay attention to our strengths.

We are discussing how to find out what your strengths are today! Strengths are things that you might think everyone can do well, they are things that come easily. You might not even recognize them as strengths. But knowing our strengths increases happiness, manages stress, and helps us accomplish goals.

So, to get started and zeroing in on your strengths you can ask 5 people that you know and trust (the last part is important, they need to be those you can trust to provide the info that you are seeking) it is important that they are trustworthy in giving you truthfully their thoughts on your strengths. This feedback can help you in discovering your strengths. After you get all five lists you want to compile them. Find out which overlap. Then you can hone in on your ideas as to what your strengths are. You can also look at what you want to spend your time doing each day. You will find that you spend more time on things you like and are good at. You likely will gravitate to things that you are good at. 

Once you find your strengths it is important to spend time on things that fit them. This means saying no and subtracting out things that do not fit your strengths like we talked about in episode 175. Double down and learn more about your strengths and how to implement them. Find skills that you can add that will increase your abilities with your strengths. Push your strengths and your comfort zone. Branch out to find new skills to upgrade your strengths.

Another way to find your strengths is to start my “I Have Value” Program. Not only have I helped Kim but many others to find their strengths and build a happier more prosperous life around them. Finding your strengths might be the most life changing experience you have. Let’s start today.

How much better would your life be if you spent time on your strengths rather than trying to make strengths out of weaknesses. How much more enjoyment would you have. Goto the Facebook community and shout out your strengths and how you will take action on them. You can then check out others’ ideas and see what other strengths you might have.

In our next podcast we will be talking about the Life Changing abilities of Gratitude we will see you then

I want each of you to know I appreciate each and every one of you. I’m grateful that you are spending your time with me today so we can develop this friendship. You mean a lot to me and I am glad you are here. I know you have overcome some really tough things to get here. Now I have the most amazing fans and I want to make this better for you. I need your feedback on what I am doing well and what can I do better? Please text me at 801-609-3346 or to set up a time to talk with me at to let me know how to improve. I want you to have your amazing life!

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