Lies Our Parents Told Us That We Still Believe Today

Now as a child we are meant to believe everything our parents say. But at some point I hope we get to the point we start to question it. The reason We should question it is not everything they told us is true. How is this working for you? I still have trouble with some of these stories today. They are hard to get out of my head. Being a parent I know that most parents do not tell these lies to hurt us. I would venture to guess that many parents believe the lie themselves. Many are just passing on the lies they were told. But these stories keep us boxed into the place our family was. If you look at it.

It used to be that high born people would tell others that they weren’t good enough. In our country today people tell each other and themselves that. In fact there is a music industry that has made lots of money telling others they are not good enough. I know how easy it is to believe these stories. Here again this is our centuries old software that hasn’t had a patch or update since we lived in caves. This software was developed to protect us from predators. It is to keep us alive in an age that we no longer live in. So how do we change the software? Our evolutionary software is like running Windows 95. Your operating system tells you when to be fearful, keeps your survival mechanisms and encourages you to be comfortable. It keeps you alive but doesn’t help you to live.

The stories that you accept are in your head each and every min of every day. “ I told myself stories of I’m not as good as others and I am not lovable. Those stories haunted my life for years. Those stories limited my reality. I could not move out of the area that those stories kept me in. I could not be successful. Each time I got close I would do something that would bring me back to the neighborhood of where I was comfortable. But these are stories. Stories have both truth and fiction in them. Stories are just the things that you agree to believe.

You are the author of your story. As the author you have the ability to rewrite the story. Now this may or may not include the things that come into your life some you will be able to rewrite others you won’t. But what you can write is the meaning that you give to the story. You get to choose how you see the world. Is it difficult and unyielding?  This is where you have considerable power. When you change your story you update the software.

Rewriting your software doesn’t come easy nor does it come without discomfort. We have talked about comfort before. Even animals look for the greatest amount of comfort they can find. They want the thickest pillow. We want comfort but there is no growth in comfort. Growth comes when we are stretching, when we are reaching.

Our human software can develop bugs and become faulty due to the other software and patches that we add to the software as we grow up. When we get to that point we need a software programmer. Someone outside who can look in and spot the virus and see what steps it will take to patch the software and help the newer app to run on the older software. So you can recode your bugs into lessons that have the power to take your life to a whole new level. That is what I can do for you. I can look at the software and the newer app and patch them so that they run seamlessly together. This is done by changing the beliefs which are the rules that run your software. And giving you the power to change the story that you are telling.

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