Welcome to Thursdays Exchange with my friend Don Raines

Tell me what accomplishments you’re most proud of: My Time in the Army as an Airborne Combat Engineer. The large family that I have. 8 kids, 14 grand kids and 1 great grandson. I have helped many people over the years to change their lives, financially for sure, but hopefully in other areas as well.  Getting back into the game. We all get down, but it’s important to get back up.

What is the toughest thing you have had to overcome in your life?

I quit drinking and smoking some 18 years ago.

I let them both take control of my life.

So I just did a podcast on addiction. When I was drinking I wanted to feel loved and accepted. What were you looking to numb yourself from?

How do you think others can get over the rough times they are facing?

So you want to  work on Self Development next year. What would getting it to a level you have not yet experienced look like? What would you need to get there?

You have known me for a while, what is it that you have learned from me or what are your top takeaways?

You like being out of the Box what does that mean for you?

If you could only leave three things for this world and your kids what three things would you leave?

1. The knowledge that you’re going to get knocked down and it’s going to be tough sometimes but that if you persist with enough Intestinal Fortitude, you can overcome it and achieve what you want!

2. I am working on leaving a Financial Legacy.

3. For them to know that Family Is Everything!

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