Overcoming Fear and Anxiety with 6 Simple Strategies

Fear and anxiety can become patterns in our lives and that is when they develop into problems. When we experience harm to our physical or mental stability due to fear we have a problem. When you find yourself avoiding things just because it could create fear that is an issue. The other day my foster daughter was cooking. She turned the heat on high and then ran down stairs to get something. Suddenly the fire alarm started blaring. So the alarm is going off blaring and alerting the neighbors to our cooking ability or lack of it. Now a fire alarm is made to be hard to ignore. So sitting in my office and continuing to write is probably not going to happen. But my other options are to go and pull the battery out or put tape over the sensor. That might get the noise to stop right! Is stopping the noise the best option here? What happens if we turn down the sensitivity of our fear and anxiety with medications. That is similar to getting the noise to stop. What does that leave us with, dying from smoke inhalation or the house burning down. If we stop the signal of the fear or anxiety with medication has it actually put out the fire?

When you feel the fear or anxiety here is what you might experience in your body. These things will happen very quickly. Your breathing will change and you will change the amount of oxygen your lungs receive and process, your heart beat will increase for you to fight or fly. It may even feel as if your heart is not beating right or missing beats. Your muscles can either tense or go weak, You will start to sweat. Your stomach churns or your bowels feel loose. Your brains can get fuzzy, dizzy, or concentration ability decreases. Your appetite disappears. Your mouth gets dry. All of this is natural and part of the body’s defense programing. It has not been upgraded since the dawn of man. But it doesn’t need to be rewritten but it does need new parameters.

The first step is to analyze your fear, you must face it head on and get to know it. This may be difficult but it is the most important part. To do this it will take journaling. Write down where does the fear come from, what experiences increase it, what  places are it most likely to appear, what feelings come right before it. Find out the patterns that go along with the anxiety. 

Then the 2nd step is to imagine things differently. Imagination gives you power and creativity. It is probable that you are using your imagination to magnify your fears, making things worse than they are. You have the power to direct your imagination. Use it. When you are feeling safe and relaxed use your imagination to put you into the situation you fear and imagine yourself handing it in peace and with personal power. Imagine the thing you fear going smoothly and without fear.

So step 3 is to change the part of the brain that you are using. Fear starts in one small part of the brain. It is in an area in the middle of the brain. Other parts of the brain are responsible for other functions. So change the area of the brain that you are concentrating on.

Next, number 4 is to  center your thoughts on your breathing. Breathing is what activates the body for the fight, flight, or freeze.

We are on to number 5. Practice mindfulness. The mind is a muscle it takes working out to build its strength.

Lastly number 6 is to get out into nature. Nature, with its natural beauty and movement tends to reduce the symptoms of fear and anxiety in people. Nature has a calming effect.

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