The Top 4 Things That Can Transform Your Life and Business

Imagine a world where you and the people around you are no longer ruled by fear, limiting beliefs or behaviors. What would the world be like if everyone took 100% responsibility for their actions, prevailed over difficulty, did not allow the abuse or criticism of others to slow or stop them, and lived their Amazing Life. Today we are going to look at how to make that a reality.

We would have to be free of our ego and release all of our insecurities. We would be supportive and accepting of one another. We would work together to reach our full potential and create lives that are full of joy, purpose and abundance. Can we create that kind of world you might ask. The answer is “Yes” Then the next question that pops in your head should be how? This can be created by you and each and every person. Cause the greatest contribution you can make is to become the change you wish to see. Then by teaching and example you can then inspire others to also achieve their highest potential.

So first to change the world and have better results in your life, you must focus on yourself. The only changes that can be made are within you! In fact there are three things you can control in life. The story you tell yourself, the images you envision, and the actions you take. The story that you tell yourself makes such a difference. It can be the difference between victim and victory. The story is the most simple change to make. Tell a clear story with you the victor, understood and in control.

Commit yourself not to the outcome but to the process. The joy of learning comes from the process of going through the experience not in the end result. One of the things I like to do is to rock climb. As you ascend the mountain there is a process. But the joy comes from the climb. It comes from the experience of moving up that mountain. It comes from improving myself and the meaning that I experience. It comes from each movement. Once I get to the top that joy is then culminated. 

So Number 3 is to view things as an experience and opportunity. Let’s go back to my rock climbing story. There are times as I was ascending the face I would be moving from one handhold to the next. You can’t look ahead more than one or two steps ahead so there was times that I would get to a place and I could no longer find the holds I needed so I would have to go back down the face a short way, and then pick another handhold and go up a different way to get past the place I got stuck. The place there was insufficient handholds could be looked at as a challenge or problem. As soon as you do that you are right back into your story. That is the thing you are telling yourself. You are creating a judgement on the experience. Instead view this as just an experience or opportunity to learn and improve.

Lastly, Number 4 is to be a leader! Being a leader means taking responsibilities for things that others do not want to take responsibility for. Being a leader means changing from things that aren’t working. Being a leader means sharing your wisdom. Telling others how they can create the lives of their dreams. Being a leader is what will help this world. You can be a leader by facilitating the growth of others around you.

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