The Art of Persuasion 5 Ways to Move Others to Change


Ideas are the currency of the 21st century. So the ability to persuade and to change the hearts and minds of others is the single greatest skill needed to make a difference. If you are unsure you need to be good at persuasion let’s go over a few examples. If you are wanting to date someone you will persuade them that you are worth their time. If you want to marry someone you persuade them you are worth marrying.

Today, words and ideas create our world. They make stars and millionaires in every field. With this podcast and through coaching I have tried to persuade you that you can have a better life. That you can create more of the things you want. That is what this podcast is about. If you hadn’t been convinced to a point you probably would not be listening to me now.

The first thing to be communicated is your “Ethos or Credibility.” Aristotle believed that if action didn’t back the speakers words they would lose credibility and this would weaken their argument. So here is where we must communicate our background and build credibility. I have spoken time and again on how my life was out of control. I at many times wanted to end my pain. I struggled at most everything I tried. I would try something once I hit problems, I would give up and look for something else. Moving from one thing to the next in quick succession.

Next is “Logos or Reason” so after we have established credibility the next step is the logical steps or reason that move things forward. Does any of the problems I went through sound familiar? Have you struggled, have you felt your life was out of control, have you wanted the pain to end? Have you ever come across a difficulty and decided to quit and move on to something else?

“Pathos or emotion” is next. Emotion is key to persuasiveness. People are moved to action by what they feel. Aristotle believed the best way to transfer emotion was through storytelling. Now neuroscientists have backed his ideas. Studies have found that stories trigger a rush of neurochemicals in the brain, notably oxytocin, that connect people on a deep emotional level.

Metaphor is next. Aristotle believed that metaphor was what gave language beauty.  He wrote “To be a master of metaphor is the greatest thing by far,” Use of a metaphor compares a new idea to an existing one that your audience is familiar with turns the abstract into concrete. In your life you have lots of tools that you use and they get you the life you have. Your pain and feeling out of control are tools that keep you in the comfortable place that you now reside. You have a hammer, pliers and screwdriver. That works for you, when the pain gets bad you hit things on the head, when things are out of control you hold them in place with the pliers.

Brevity. Aristotle was ahead of his time. There are limits to attention and how much we can absorb.  So we want to keep things brief. We want to provide the argument in the fewest possible words. Keeping our thoughts brief is very important.

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