Mastering Your Productivity and Defeating Procrastination


So If you are an average person you spend 144 mins a day on social media that is up 62.5 over 2012. Then in addition to that the average person spends 238 mins a day in front of the TV. These numbers are all pre Covid. I’m willing to bet they are higher now but new stats are not yet available. This doesn’t include gaming or any of the other things you do on your phone. But it adds up to 6.36 hours a day. Wow do you believe it? Almost a whole workday is spent on TV and social media. In fact employees accessing social media at work is estimated to cost employers $650 billion a year. How much is it costing you each year? $1000, $10,000, 100,000?

This year with covid things might even be higher. I am definitely not average but I spend a lot of time being entertained. I spent more time this year because of covid than in the past. It used to be I was actively going places being involved with things. Because covid shut those down I spend much more time in front of the TV. Now this just is. I don’t need to put a judgment on it. It is not good or bad nor am I good or bad for doing it. We just want to recognize how much and ask is that the way you want to spend your time?

So number one, get a good idea of what it is that you are spending your time on. You don’t have to track it down to the min. But if you want there are programs that you can download that will track your phone, and social media time. You do want to get a general idea of how long it is. As an example, I know when I get into the social media rabbit hole I don’t come up for air in less than 15 mins. So if you check social media say just 10 times a day that is probably over an hour. This gives you an idea of what is going on.

So now that we know how much time and where we spend it we want to look at how we want to change that. Talk with family members and come up with a plan. We want to watch TV from this time to this. We want to go for a walk from this time to this. Every Sunday night have planning and set up the two things you want to concentrate on for the week. Schedule those into your calendar. As you start a task look at the 2 you said where most important is what you are starting on a high priority or low priority task. If you only reduced that time by 30 mins a day not counting weekends that would give you an extra 2.5 hours a week. What could you get done in 2.5 hours, a couple games with the kids? A date with your spouse?

Look at your procrastination. Why do you procrastinate? Forgive yourself for it. It is not good or bad it just is what has happened and you cannot change the past. Commit to making small changes and focus on what you want to happen. Reward yourself when you follow through. Have someone check up on you. Tackle high priority tasks as they come. Break things up into small chunk size tasks that are easy to complete in about an hour. You will have less to stress about. It is important to become a master at scheduling and planning.

Remember procrastination is a habit of delaying an important task for one that is less urgent, easier and more enjoyable. There are tools that you can put into place that will make it easier to focus on the things that you want. Tools make all the difference.

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