Quirky and Ordinary


I was hanging out with my little sister and she has three little ones. They are as adorable as can be. The oldest is 5ish and the middle is three. Both are girls. Then the baby is a boy. It was so funny to hear the conversations they had with themselves. The middle one cracked me up over and over with the conversations she had with herself. They were always full of drama. She talked about how she was going to be hurt at the park and how this and that would happen to her. She was telling herself all these stories. They all had some sort of doom and gloom to them. They were off the wall. Right now she is just learning to tell stories. She is just adorable as she tells these funny, yet drama filled stories.

We all come into this world different than everyone else. We have different wants and needs from day one. You can see this in every child even twins are different from each other. You are different and that is as it should be. You are unique! Not just your DNA or Fingerprints. You have different backgrounds, perspectives, talents, capabilities and personalities. Because of that this world is only complete because of you. You are here with certain traits and you have something only you can offer this world. That is why we need you to be the person you can be! We need you to be your best self. We do not need you to be like someone else. Nor do we need you to hide your greatness. You are different and we need your difference in this world!

With all this individuality that we have as a young child we start to bury it. Later we try to do exactly the same as the person next to us. We want to fit in the cookie cutter. We try to fit in, conform, and hide. Many of us want to be average. We try to parrot others. We feel that if we act like someone else we will be liked or accepted. If we are all the same, there is nothing special that we can contribute. If you can’t bring a thought that is outside of mine boy would that be boring. If there are people out there who can’t appreciate you for the amazing person that you are that is their problem not yours. They are really shallow. Those who change to be part of the with others. Every time I have compared myself I pick one or 2 things to compare. I can’t compare all of them with all of me so it is always comparing apples and oranges.

YOU were meant to:

express your uniqueness

build connections

create innovative solutions

help those around you by bringing joy, wisdom and compassion

make a positive difference in the world

You are meant to do all of this in distinct ways that no-one else can replicate. This is who you are! You will not fail at this, as it is innate. If you do not embrace you and your uniqueness you can change the amount of people you build connections with. You can create either more or less depending on your story. You have the ability to affect the amount of the difference you offer to this world but you cannot change that you are here and that you make a difference. So let your unequalled abilities and quirkiness show. Embrace the majesty that you are! Be satisfied only with the person you are capable of being. Let yourself be guided by passion not by fashion. Forge your own path! I can help you with this just as I have many others!

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