What does Indecision Steal?


We are talking about Indecision being “The Great Thief of opportunity” Jim Rohn

Indecision holds us back from getting what we want more than anything else. Decision is a muscle that must be worked and strengthened. The reason we don’t make decisions is we are living out of fear. We give into fear and are unable to make a decision. Those who do not know what they want will never know what they get. I get this. I used to have a difficult time making a decision as to where I wanted to go to dinner and anything above that was right out. I lived in fear of missing out on experiences, or of making the wrong choice. Indecision was a great big issue in my life.

Indecision is closely related to fear in fact I don’t think anyone can have indecision without fear. Many like me feel the fear of failure. This fear creeps in and then starts to take over your entire body. The fear you feel is not the fear that the body is created to deal with that creates fight or flight, no this fear stays with you long term and takes a toll on your body. I know when I would have difficulties with indecision and fear my shoulder would hurt. There would be a big ole knot that would ache really badly. For a time this was a permanent part of my life. I was in pain daily and taking Medications to dull the pain and my life. Procrastination is also a part of indecisiveness. Procrastination is a trait that is developed and leaves its victim with a sense of insecurity. Those that suffer from procrastination fear that their potential to execute the plan and attain the goal is inadequate. Unless you are wired differently than I am, indecision and fear go hand in hand.

The other thing that creates indecision is ignorance. Lacking knowledge or having the ability to receive quick answers often leads to delayed judgement. Many people in this position will rely on advice or pressure from others. To move forward and then later will regret their actions. For some it might be a lack of knowledge that drives their indecisiveness. But for most of us it is a perceived lack of knowledge rather than authentic lack. For most of us this belief in our ignorance is also a fear. We fear we don’t know enough to make the correct decision. There are a few cases when we might lack the needed knowledge but that is the minority of the time.

So how do we overcome indecisiveness? First thing is to act. There will be small thoughts that come to you and as you act on those more will come. Start with something simple like the food you want to eat. Make a decision even if you don’t have a preference. Taking that action will let you see more opportunities to make decisions in the future. This is like a muscle, work it out, start with small weights and many reps.

Make a decision quickly! Most decisions do not take much or any home work. Just say the decision that pops into your head. Making decisions quickly will create a positive experience in your life. With some major decisions it is okay to take a little time on, but do not spend major time on minor decisions. Make the decision quickly.

Next compare the Cost or Worth: What would it cost you in 20 years, then compare that to what it will be worth to you and how it will change in your life.

think about how you will talk about it in the future will you say I wish I hadn’t or I’m glad I did. Use that to help in your decision. Lastly look at whether it is a good wolf or bad wolf thing. What decision would the good wolf make.

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