How to Use the Pareto Principle to Create an Amazing Life!


So you probably have heard of the 80/20 rule. Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto came across this back in 1895. It is also referred to as the rule of the vital few. He found that all economic activity was subject to this principle. As a principle this applies to your life. Understanding this rule is essential to building your life!

Only 20% of the shows you watch you probably like

80% of the time spent on your phone is useless

You don’t need about 80% of the photos you have

You wear 20% of the clothes you own, 80% of the time

You read 20% of the blogs and newsletter that you are subscribed to

You get 80% of your work done in 20% of your time

80% of distractions come from 20% of sources

Instead of productivity let’s look at value and happiness. What are the 20% of things that you do that produce 80% of your happiness? There is no need to worry about or try to make sweeping changes in your life. Look at the 80% of what you eat. Are they the foods that give you strength and vitality? Do the 20% of the relationships you feel the needs you have?

The good news about this is that you just need to focus on a vital few things, not change 100% to have a much different life. It is way less overwhelming to look at eating 20% more vegetables and 20% less of the foods that do not add to my health. 20% of the food you eat adds to your weight. So all you need to do is make simple changes. You got this!!!!  20% more time focused exercising!!!  Easy!! Because 80 % of value is achieved with 20% of effort. So you just need to increase your good behaviors by a small amount for big differences.

To make a difference in your mood, making small changes in your free time will go a long way to foster your happiness and mood. Ask yourself do 20% of your experience provide 80% of your happiness?

I like to eat out and when I do I pick carefully. It is not just about something that fills my stomach it is about the experience. In my favorite places I always meet and become acquainted with the managers or owners. The experience is one that fills my tummy and my spirit.

Look at your life and your relationships. Does 20% of your relationships provide 80% of support and enjoyment? What little tweaks can you make that will increase the support and enjoyment you feel from that same 20%?

Goals: compare the resources needed – time, money, energy, etc. – to the potential benefits

Habits & Routines: 20% of the power habits create 80% of value in your life What are these?

Decluttering: throw away 20% of the things that take 80% of the space

Daily tasks: if possible, outsource 20% of daily chores that bring you 80% of the stress.

Digital: 20% of your files use up 80% of the space; you use 20% of applications (in both computer and phone) 80% of the time; you use 20% of the gadgets 80% of the time

I hope you do 20% more of the things that bring happiness this year

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