Our Mind Can be The Greatest Creative Tool or it Can be Our Torturer.


It has been scientifically proven that what we think about and what we look for we actually bring into being. This is not really widespread but the info is out there. Right now the entire world is putting so much attention and energy into Covid and then we can’t believe that it is growing. Well what we pay attention to grows. So with the attention that covid is getting of course it is growing. Each thought has an energy. Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be transferred or converted. This is why our thoughts are so important. They have energy and they build our world around us. Our thoughts create our world.

Creativity is important to us and our mental health according to Forbes “Technical creativity helps you problem solve and create new theories and ideas, while artistic creativity is a form of expression, and is also necessary for psychological well-being… ”  Then  John Cleese, a great comedian stated “that creativity is like a tortoise: It pokes its head out nervously to ensure the environment is safe before it fully emerges. Creative thinking won’t happen when you’re nervous, stressed, or busy.” I find this in my life. If I am nervous, stressed or let other things come into my mind it reduces my creativity and makes things tougher to do.

Practice gratitude: Be thankful not only for the things in your life. Things like homes, cars, clothes, people. But also be thankful for experiences. I am grateful that the fiancé I had years ago put an end to our relationship. Because had she not I would not be married to the wonderful woman that I am and I would not have grown with her for the last 29 years. Now at the time It was painful. But out of that pain was born greatness. So be thankful that you could feel that pain and it allowed you to become who you are today.

Concentrate on the things you want: Like we talked about the things that we concentrate on is what we see and experience. In the late 80’s I bought a Nissan 280 ZX and once I bought it I started seeing them everywhere. What you concentrate on will increase so look for things that happen for you rather than too you.

Tell yourself a new story: Instead of the Drama that you allow your mind to create, make it an inspiration.  In every good story or movie the beginning makes us really uncomfortable. This is because to make it inspiring they have to experience a negative event and then move past it by changing the story behind it. One of the best illustrations of this is the movie “Shallow Hal” with Jack Black. It made me so uncomfortable I wanted to turn it off multiple times in the first 20 mins. He was sooo shallow and it really bothered me. But then it got into the transformation he had. Now could he have had that transformation without the problems. No, He was only able to become because of what he had been through. 

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