Motivation VS Habits, Guaranteed Ways to Form Habits?


Today we will talk about motivation and habits. “Motivation is what gets you started, Habit is what keeps you going.” Jim Ryun

Motivation is a powerful tool. I’m sure you’ve experienced it. You watch a video or join a group or seminar. You hear these excited people that deliver to you a picture of the life that you want. They talk about the things that spike your emotions. They give you this high feeling like you can take on the world. You have all sorts of plans and new ideas to implement into your life. You go home and you are so excited and motivated for what is to come. Then you go to sleep and when you wake up the motivation is gone. The feelings are gone, the ideas are gone. So now what?

Let’s look more at Motivation. It is the process that initiates, guides and maintains goal oriented behaviors. Motivation causes action. What are the things that cause motivation? Some have an inner drive and others have an instinct that propel them to action. They are also driven by our needs and habits. So each day is a new slate. It is the video game restart switch. It is the new life. What will you do with today. Will you build up the motivation. Will you create and accomplish? And if so how?

Motivation can:

Improve efficiency of work

Help people take action

Encourage people to engage in healthy behaviors.

Aid in avoiding unhealthy or maladaptive behaviors

Assist people to feel control in their lives. Not in control of life.

Improve wellness and happiness.

So if Motivation fluctuates and is not something you can count on how do you get through those times when you are drenched? That is when habits kick in. For example you are driving home and planned to stop at the store on your way. But you’re thinking about something else. Next thing you know you’re in the driveway without any dinner. This is because of habit. You didn’t need to be motivated to drive home. You didn’t need a pep talk. It wasn’t something that you debated on whether or not you should do it. Once you were in the car you just did. It is habits like this that we need to build in our lives. More things should be built into habits. The habits we have built in our lives correlate with the success we have in life. Let me say that again. It is important, The habits we have created in our lives are in direct proportion to the success we enjoy.

So If motivation fluctuates we need to use motivation when we have it to build habits that will thrust us through the times when it is low so that we continue to move in the direction we want to go. There are three patterns to each and every habit you have.





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