Lois Wilson on Facing Fear and Overcoming Doubt.


Today we are going to be looking at the life of Lois Wilson, an amazing example and one of this century’s most important women. She had to learn and grow through some tough times.

“I believe that people are good if you give them half a chance and that good is more powerful than evil.

The world seems to me excruciatingly, almost painfully beautiful at times, and the goodness and kindness of people often exceed that which even I expect.” This is a statement by Lois Burnham Wilson who is the co-founder of Al Anon Family groups. She is the wife of Bill Wilson who wrote The Big Book for Alcoholics Anonymous. There is a new movie out about her story called When Love is Not Enough. It is a very ruff story to watch. My family and I stumbled on it the other night and watched it. And at even ½ hour in they are still working towards the bottom of the story and how many times Bill relapsed. We wanted to turn it off because it was so heavy and showing all the problems they were experiencing. It was so worth it. It was a tough life and they never got back what they lost. But they made such a difference in the lives of people. Lois found such good in people, even those who were struggling with addiction.

Lois has been touted as one of the 20th century most important women. It is due to her tireless vision and efforts that the Al-anon organization is what it is today and why it continues to attract so many members with its message of hope and inspiration. What does this mean to you and I? Maybe you don’t have an addict in your life. This amazing woman has much to offer in her story. Her life didn’t turn out how she expected it. Yet she did not lose faith in anything. She found a way to make a difficult situation into one that changed countless lives.

I’m betting that one of the biggest hurdles you will face is overcoming the doubters in your life. If you are like me one of the largest cynic might even be yourself. You may hold the belief that you are not good, smart, or rich enough. Maybe that your dreams are silly. It may be that you heard that from a parent or respected person and took it to heart. If you look at Lois’s life it is obvious that both she and Bill suffered from these thoughts. You do not have to stop these thoughts or not have them in order to do something great if so none of us would do anything. Like bravery is not the absence of fear but the action of moving through fear and doing things despite the fear.

Many of us fear that we will fail. But we only fail if we quit. There are ups and downs to all of life. Each thing we do will have slopes. We will scale mountains and plunge down. Our lives are meant to have both. So if we dive down and keep going it is not failure. The key to ascending towards success is in perpetual action. This is also something that Lois experienced. She felt she had failed when he drank , when she was unable to have children, and when she lost the house. There was a lot of pain with each of those experiences. But she never stopped. She kept moving and trying new things to get to where she wanted to be.

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