Blinded by Blame Part 2, 3 Ways to Forgive Yourself


Maybe the one you won’t forgive is yourself. I totally get that at age 17 I wrote a short poem and it has stuck with me ever since.

“I can forgive him and her of this and that.

Anyone and everyone of anything and everything

Why can’t I forgive myself?”

Forgiving yourself is most likely the toughest work you will ever do. Those things that we have trouble forgetting tend to stick in our mind. You may feel captive and without options. Know that there are ways for you to move forward. Know that it is worth working on that YOU are worth forgiving. It doesn’t matter what you have done, you are worth it and you can feel forgiveness if you choose. Self forgiveness for no matter what it is that you have done is possible even though it is tough.

Keep in mind that forgiving yourself is a strength and not a weakness.

So many people look at forgiveness as a weakness. But that is a lie holding a grudge against yourself is the easy road.

Allow and affirm that you are imperfect and complex

Maybe the one you won’t forgive is yourself. I totally get that at 17 I wrote a short poem and it has stuck with me ever since. rejuvenate feelings of wholeness

Forgiveness increases your ability to make amends and to stop from acting in that way again.

Remove any moral context and seek to enhance yourself.

I unconditionally forgive myself for my past decisions and actions.

I release anger, shame, guilt, and embarrassment.

I love and trust myself to learn from this and build a better future.

Grudges are like knots. When you tie a knot in a rope it is fairly easy to untie at the time. Over time the knots tighten and grow stronger till they are almost impossible to untie. Those knots are within you and they create stress and adverse emotions in the body. Release the knots in your life. Let go of the grudges you are holding, especially the grudges you hold against yourselves.

Forgiveness requires sustained effort and commitment. Forgiveness doesn’t go with feeling guilty or ashamed so let go of those emotions. They are different from remorseful or contrite.  It is good to feel remorse and have that move you forward. Shame is not helpful. Do not entertain shame.

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