Jim Kwik and Goals From the Heart!


The Memory guru, learning expert, NYT Bestselling Author and keynote speaker Jim Kwik trains millions of people on his sites like Kwik Learning. He is a world leader in speed reading, memory improvement, and brain performance. So he has some clout with me when it comes to things like setting goals. He has a #1 rated podcast http://www.KwikBrain.com/podcast. Have I proved yet that he is a leader and knows what he is talking about? Jim is passionate about creating high performance  brains and to reach your full potential. I mean who doesn’t want to activate your inner genius? I certainly do! Jim is World Class!

How do you find the right goal?

How do you achieve a goal?

How do you know what goal you want?

You need goal clarity. What is the right goal for you? What is it that you want in your life? How is it relevant to who you are? If this goal doesn’t meet the  “who we are” then it will not be something that we follow through with. Does your goal bring you to your highest value? Do you choose your goals or do your goals choose you. It is important that your goals are something that are not just something you are attracted to but something that is attracted to you. You have set many goals and if you have not achieved them it is because they weren’t something attractive to you and they did not go along with who you are. So by February they were not forgotten.

It is important to make your goals something that are about you, they need to be about who you are:

Healthy. How can you make sure your goals support your greater well-being? Your goals should contribute to both your physical and emotional health.

Enduring. Your goals should be sustainable. They should change you over time, as you build your future self and life.

Alluring. You shouldn’t have to push yourself to work on your goals. They should be so exciting, enticing, and engaging that you’re pulled toward them.

Relevant. Don’t set a goal without knowing why you’re setting it. Ideally, your goals should relate to a challenge you’re having or your core values.

Truth. Don’t set a goal just because your neighbor is doing it. Make sure your goal is something you want, something that remains true to you. If your goal isn’t true to you, you’re far more likely to procrastinate and sabotage yourself.

We want to make sure that the goal is something that draws us in and something we can buy in at a top level.

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