Master Creating the Life you Want Through Goals Part 3


This is part of a 3 part week long series on goals and if you haven’t heard the other 2 go back and listen to them as this information is not going to mean as much on its own as it will in context with the other two. Because we are coming around to New Years and so many of you set goals, I wanted to provide you with phenomenal tools to have a remarkable year for 2021.

So let’s move onto today’s parts of goal setting. After looking at the big picture in the last step and thinking about all we could feel, do and be. Now we want to break it down and look at what we want to accomplish first and foremost. If you got to immense and vast goals and were looking at the monumental picture of your life in the last step now we want to focus on and choose a few of them to concentrate on this year. Choosing a few quality goals that are closely aligned with your desired feelings and in accordance with who you are, and want to be. This will position you to live a wonderful year and to create the amazing life you want to lead. Ask about each goal you come up with. “Will this experience when I create it this year, cause the emotion that I am working to generate.” “When I hit this target will I be aligned with my authentic heart’s desire?” It is important that you are not focused on a single outcome, but the steps that will lead to the desired outcome. For example I want to lose weight or lose 50 lbs. There is not much emotion tied to that for most people and it is not a quantum leap, lastly there is no map to get there. So instead, set goals that have various milestones. Like: I will become healthier by keeping in my house foods that empower my goals. I will take lunch to work so that the food I am eating is prepared by me to create my healthy and fit body. I will be prepared when I am out and about with food that nourishes my healthy body. I will move my body giving it the exertion it needs to create my ultimate health and the marvelous self that I am.

To get as many senses involved as possible use a vision board or place things on the mirror in your bathroom. Use a place you spend time each morning and evening as a  place to put your goals. Wherever you put it make sure that you include both words and pictures. If you can come up with smells or tastes to remind you that would be even better. Get as many of your senses involved as you can. Those senses are what help you continue down the road when you get tired or overwhelmed. See those pictures. Recognize the smells and tastes that will come with what you want. Feel the emotions if only for a moment those moments will increase as you strengthen that muscle. Envision the life you want to create.

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