Master Creating the Life you Want Through Goals Part 2


So this is a three part and week long look at goals and how to create ones that will get you towards creating your Amazing Life. Because so many people will be setting goals because of new years. I wanted to give you some tools to hack having a jaw dropping year. Make sure you listen to these 3 podcasts in order as they do build on each other. As a reminder yesterday we spoke about having clarity on what feelings you have right now, what you feel after last year and what you learned. Then we also went over developing a vision which is the map of your goals, then we talked about your mission which is the compass to keep you in line with your map. These are very important to be sure to spend sufficient time on these. You need to be very clear on these. Now let’s move on to the next parts of heart goals.

The next step is to dream big and breakthrough in quantum leaps in your life! Because you want juicy and intoxicating goals this year You need to think bigger than you have in the past! As you think about these amazing goals keep them in line with the feelings you want to create and the person that you are! By Dreaming big you can create more choices in your processes giving you additional ways of viewing you and your life. Then after having those new views you can see new ways to jump to places you have not before been.

The only things that limit us is what we can see and what we believe. Most of our beliefs are based on the things we see. So opening up our vision or viewing points will create huge differences in our lives. We have to be able to imagine something before we can ever create it. In Moses 3: 5 God said “For I the Lord God created all things, of which I have spoken, spiritually before they were made Naturally upon the face of the earth.” Once in our minds’ eyes we can create something then it can be created in our life.

So here is an exercise to do your goals. In a journal or notebook on the left hand side write down all the words that you want for your “Core Desired Feelings.” Now make two columns after those feelings. Then in the first column write some normal goals that are about 10% above where you are today. This is what we usually think of as achievable and is our usual approach to goal setting. Now use the second column to brainstorm some brazen and captivating dreams. Ones that require you to stretch and cultivate your imagination to come up with some exciting goals.

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