Master Creating the Life you Want Through Goals Part 1


This week as we get ready for another year many of you will be thinking about what you want and setting up goals for January 1st. If you are like the majority of people you will have forgotten those goals by February 1st. I want to go over the tools that you need to get those goals to become realities in your life. Let’s dive deep into goals This entire week and get set up for the new year. Customarily, we focus on an outcome or experience without making an effort to figure out how we actually want to feel, what the outcome that we desire will help us to feel. Which often leaves us feeling empty, discontent, maybe even tortured, when we actually reach the goal. If we get to where we strived to be and do not feel like we thought we would we sometimes start to blame ourselves and think that we will never feel good. This can create a tailspin that can create horrific outcomes. As Dave Ramsey said, If your mom wanted you to become a doctor and you did, but you do not want to be a doctor. I don’t want you as my doctor! These ideas are very important to setting up goals for next year.

I recommend setting  a different type of goal this year. These are heart goals. But to set this type of goal you must first tune into how you feel right now. Finding out more about who you are. What thoughts light you up? What uplifts and inspires you? To find out the first thing to do is to look back on last year. Own & celebrate everything you, felt, did, and experienced in 2020.

So hopefully now that you have answered those questions you are beginning to create a vision for your life. To continue that vision, start creating a map of exciting and magnetic intentions. As you create this vision it must incorporate your mission. So you must become more clear on what that is. What is it you are here to do? “If your vision is the map, your mission (or purpose) is your inner compass.” – Jeffrey Davis, Tracking Wonder What is your final destination? Is it the end of this life? Is it the life after this one? Is it retirement? Is it becoming rich? Knowing the destination will make a huge difference in mapping out the trip. When we only plan to an ending  or event even if we reach the end that doesn’t complete us. Your vision is the map of your life which needs to be used with your mission which is the compass. You need both the qualities of the life you will live as well as the  details as how you will serve yourself and others. Your goals should contain a summary of WHO you want to serve, HOW you help your people, and WHAT the result will be from your actions.

Following these will start you on a road to creating the life you want and will show you steps that you will want to take so that you can get to be who you want! If you look at things that are exciting and inspiring and part of who you are and map them out with vision and include your mission or purpose they will be something that will take less effort to keep up with during the year. It is important that you are working from your vision and purpose so that you get to where you want to be. This is what will create happiness and fulfillment in your life.

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