Artist Lindsey Sterling on Eating Disorders!


Lindsey Sterling, an electric violinist, She did not win “America’s Got Talent,” but she did find tremendous success on YouTube. Where she has over 150 videos and 12 million subscribers. Pretty amazing women! She was the first solo violinist I know of to create music videos. Where she plays the music and acts it out at the same time. I have been a fan of hers for years.

Lindsey has been opening up about the eating disorder that she is struggling with. It inspired the original song “Shatter Me” Where she teamed up with Lizzy Hale, a singer. In the song Lindsey talks about wanting to feel alive. The song lyrics say “somebody shine a light, I’m frozen by the fear in me.” The song is about how she feels alone “This is spinning endlessly”. This is such a great example of how we can look at people and only see the surface and not understand what is going on inside of them. We can see the trappings of success and yet not know how lonely and broken they feel inside. The problems we have are different. The reactions that we come up with can be different. I don’t have trouble with an eating disorder, but I can sure understand the feelings she is dealing with. I have experienced times when I felt alone and like things where “spinning endlessly”. 

In an interview with ABC news Lindsey reported that she related to the character of a ballerina that was perfect and seemingly flawless on the outside, yet she was consumed with control and perfection on the inside.

So what steps can you take to have a healthier body image?

Appreciate all your body can do.

Write down a top 10 list of what you like about your body.

Look to see yourself deeper than what you see in the mirror. See the beauty that is inside of you.

Look at you as a whole, not just parts.

Question those voices in your head that tell you you are not whole, not right or a bad person.

Become a critical viewer of social and media messages. Question the validity of all pictures.

Serve and be nice to yourself, take a bath, a nap, find a peaceful place outdoors.

Serve others reaching out to bless others lives will bless yours.

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