Playing Offense Leads to Victory!


Let’s talk about playing more offense in your life. Offense is being on your toes attacking your goals versus being on your heels and  just playing goalkeeper all day fending off all the shots coming at you. Goaltending is answering your email, text messages, and social notifications. At work it is being creative finding out the questions and problems that will be coming up and taking care of them before they do. I spend time each day thinking about you folks and what I might say or tools I might give you to help you build the amazing life you want.

I mean right now we are at the time of year that you are probably thinking about goals. Most people set them around now and then let them go by February 1st. This is because they set them as a defense not an offense. If on January 1st you still have junk food in the house and you have a goal to lose weight or be healthier it will not happen. If you have a goal to improve a relationship and yet do not have a plan that put you into offense then the goal will disappear. It is not enough to want to. If you are used to playing “D” you will continue too.

What points are you going to put on the board for 2021? What will you pay attention to? Will it be more of the same from the last umpteen years? Will this year be different? If so Why? Do you have a plan to make it different? We all know that there will be a time towards the end of January that you no longer want to go to the gym or that you forget about doing something nice for your spouse. If there is nothing in place to make it happen.

In our society today we only visualize our goals on New year’s day  each year. We make a goal but it is without a path to follow to get to where we want to be. Many of them write them down but not as a commitment. Usually by February we no longer check our progress as there is nothing in place to keep us doing that. These are the reasons these fail each year.

Here are the things to do to accomplish these goals next year.

Deeply desire the Goal or resolution.

Visualize you having achieved the Goal.

Create a path to follow to accomplish the Goal.

Commit to achieving the Goal in writing.

Check your progress frequently.

Adjust your plan to keep progressing.

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