Many of us Move Through Life at Ludicrous Speed.


I’m not sure how many people caught on to the movie reference in the title. But it was from “Spaceballs” a 1987 comedy by Mel Brooks. Ludicrous speed gets you moving so fast it “breaks your brain and curves your spine. After traveling this fast you are never the same.” But  then something like Covid happens and all of a sudden things are moving slower. You are spending more time with your family. You may even start to look at what you hold as important. When we are busy we can be headed to sports or music practice, non profit, or church meeting or from one to the other. Moving that prevents us from being present. Just moving, We don’t have to look at ourselves or take stock of what we are accomplishing. It just feels good to be moving right. I mean I can go 20 miles out of my way to get around traffic that I could have got through faster by just slowing down. I feel like I’m not getting anywhere stuck in traffic. But going 100 miles an hour is exhilarating but if we are headed in the wrong direction it may not be getting us any closer to where we want to be. The same can be in my life, moving makes me feel accomplished. Whether or not I got anything done.

If we spend less time between the experiences then we can have more experiences right! That is what the math would suggest anyways. But is that true? Can we truly be present after we rush from one thing to the next? If we spend 18 hours a day moving then we will get more done and be farther ahead than those who spend 12, right? It seems like it is a simple math problem. But is it the more we do the more we do? Why do professional athletes have an off session? Life has seasons and each of them have different strengths. Each of them compliment the other. Many of us spend 18 hours a day but so much of it is untracked. Can you tell me how much time you spend going through emails? What about time on social media? How much time do you spend watching TV? Each of those is a black hole sucking in time and letting out nothing.

The studies and experts tend to disagree with the idea that we can obtain our best without resting. When we rest our mind is rejuvenated our memories are created. Without rest our mind and body would suffer. When we rest our mind processes the experiences we have had that day and commits them to memory. Without rest we are more likely to repeat the mistakes we made the last time. I know people that think they can bypass this law. “I will rest when I’m dead.” is a popular belief. But science is finding more and more how important sleep and rest are.

When we rush we think only about the things we lack, the time we are missing, we think there is not enough. We are working from either anxiety or scarcity. These feelings are the opposite of creative feelings. You want to feel that you have sufficient time and resources. If you speed around looking to change your world it will affect your ability to create. If you always run as fast as you can you will likely run right past opportunities. Also the faster you are traveling the greater the distance is needed to change direction. Even if you see opportunities it will be harder to take advantage of those opportunities. That is why speed and creativity do not match.

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