If Tomorrow Starts Without You, Where Would You be Today?


One of my LinkedIn friends announced she has breast cancer. I pray that she recovers. My dad has got through stage 4 prostate cancer. So far he is doing well. One of my Marine Corps League friends Fran Beckstead passed away from cancer a while ago. She had been heroically fighting cancer for over a year. The doctors found a basketball sized lump after she had been through a couple of bouts with chemo. Her life has no more tomorrows, What would you be like if you knew you had no more tomorrows coming?

How would you show up differently if you knew you had a short time to live? Would you live differently if death was looming in the next week or month? If the reckoning were here for you would you spend the last day at work? Would you feel ready to leave?

I think one of the things that sets people apart is the actions they take despite what is happening to them. Fran is one of my Hero’s, It was awe inspiring to watch as she would get chemo in the morning then go and volunteer with one of the four or five nonprofits she would serve in the afternoon. No matter how sick she felt, she was out serving others. It wasn’t until she was put in the hospital the last few days of her life that she was unable to go and serve others. 

There are today a number of movements focusing on thinking about the fact that we will die several times a day. The thought behind this belief is that we come closer to our values and consider what is truly important to us when we think about our death. Why is it that we can’t think about these without our death being right in front of us? What will be the celebration when I leave? I know I will be missed but what else will be said? How many people will it affect? Will others be able to know what my values were by the action they saw me take? Will I have accomplished what I want to by the time I leave?

Our culture is one that denies and mystifies death. Even if your death is 50 years off, how fast can 50 years go by? How fast did 2020 go by? What if by denying our mortality we are doing ourselves a giant disservice?

5 things that thinking about death can give us


Don’t sweat the small stuff (so much of life is small stuff)

Be present (mindful)

Reduce anxiety over death

Find meaning and live intentionally

Maybe you have been waiting to do what you want to do.  Do you have a bucket list? How many of the things on the list have you done? Some people wait to serve others because they don’t have the time or money. How often have you waited to go do something until you feel well? Did you ever get it done? While you wait, life races by. At some point life will pass you and at that time there will be no more chances to do the things that you said you would. My goal is to get you my friend to do one or more of the things that you want to do that you haven’t done for whatever reason. Go to the Facebook group page and tell me about what you are here to do and what is on your bucket list. That way I can help you get those things done. I hope that you will change your life by living in the moment and having the experiences that come to your mind.

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